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Decent deal, but doubt you’ll find someone from here taking it over if you are asking for $3k.

Not bad. Might be able to offload with a $3k incentive. GL

hey guys, im open to negotiation but i did put a lot down and looking for something back. motivated to move it. trying to get into an NSX

Highly doubt anyone will take over an M3 at $945 a month without an incentive, much less putting 3K down. Even though it’s fully loaded, I bet most people would prefer less options with a lower payment. Looks like a sweet ride though, good luck.

With that kind of money up front and that monthly nut, an interested person could ALMOST get an NSX of their own based on some of the deals posted recently.

i appreciate the feedback, i know this the whole point of this forum is to pick apart these deals, i appreciate it bc i learned a lot here but are you actually trying to make this difficult for me on puprpose ?

No we’re not picking on you but it’s a tough sell from an objective point of view. It’s basically a 1% deal before your 3k and it’s on probably the most expensive m3 in the country. The maintenance also doesn’t convey while probably not a big deal on a 330 the m3 I imagine is in a different league. Brokers are offering a base one for less than $700/mo 0 cap cost reduction.

Expensive bc of the options not because its marked up , they’re getting what they pay for

You have 10k wrapped in carbon fiber and m performance exhaust. That’s $120 a month for options that have very limited appeal.


all maintenance is included on 2016 models

For you yes but it doesn’t transfer. 2014 was the last year maintenance transferred to a second owner.

It does. 100% , All maintenance is covered

thats a shame. thanks for the info.

Lmao. You’re on here trying to unload a used 95k M3 for $3000 down and $945 to other forum members.

At the same time you are blasting another thread asking for help from other forum members to get you into a brand new 180k NSX for $0 down and 1100-1200 a month.


Lol. Ding ding ding. You’re right on the money. My life is miserable and I drive a Chevy Cruze…

A good deal on a brand new M3 would be $0 due and $800 a month from the dealer.

What you are offering is only a good deal in your head.

Well the 3k plus transfer fee plus maintenance not transferred and it is effectively 1100 a month and not such a great deal.

You unfortunately fit the BMW and m3 stereotype all too perfectly, as a fellow bmw owner you make us all look bad. Stop with the personal insults and wishing death upon your fellow man. Your deal is fine, not hakr worthy you will find someone to take over your lease but it won’t be here.


One of the most entertaining threads. Cars, especially this kind of special muscle car, if you will, are very personal.

You might have more luck on bimmer forum than here.

Good luck!