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2017 Cadillac ATS-V Sedan w/Carbon Black Package (Rare Option!) - San Jose, CA

Looking to transfer out of my ATS-V lease, originally a GM dealership employee deal. I’ve had it for two years and it’s an absolute BEAST of a car, but I’ve had my fun and am ready to move on to something new. The lease still has about 12 months left with ~1,500 miles a month available!


  • $734 Monthly Payment (GM Financial)
  • ZERO Disposition/Lease Return Fees
  • Months Remaining: 12, ends September 22, 2020
  • Current Odometer: 26k
  • Lease End Miles: 45k (15k/year)
  • Miles Remaining: 19k or ~1,500/month
  • Nothing down, just pay the transfer fee of $595 + taxes
  • Transfer Requirements: Must be a resident of California, have top-tier credit, and cannot be a business. Transfer must be initiated before 9/22/19. Read about GM Financial’s lease assumption process here.
  • Also, please note that this is NOT a car you would want to purchase at the end of the lease. The residual is on track to be ~$10k higher than the car’s actual value. :joy:


  • Carbon Black Package $7,800: Includes Full Carbon Hood, Exposed Carbon Splitter/Hood Vents/Rear Diffuser, Low Gloss Carbon Interior Trim, Larger Rear Spoiler, RECARO Seats, Black Chrome Grille/Rear Fascia Insert, Sueded Steering Wheel/Shifter, 18" After Midnight Dark Finish Wheels
  • Luxury Package $2,500: Includes HID Adaptive Headlights w/LED DRLs, BOSE Surround Sound, Split Folding Rear Seats, Sport Alloy Pedals, Homelink, Navigation, 110V Power Outlet
  • Automatic 8-Speed Transmission $2,000: Includes Remote Start, Magnesium Paddle Shifters
  • Performance Data Recorder $1,600
  • Sunroof $1,050
  • Red Brembo Calipers $595
  • All Weather Mats $140
  • MSRP $77,375


  • Window Tint: 30% all around (not windshield)
  • Ceramic Pro 9H: 3-year coating done by Dynamic Detailing in Santa Clara
  • Radar Detector Hard-Wire Kit: for V1 or similar, above rearview mirror
  • Registration: just renewed for 2020 ($677 :face_vomiting:)
  • Brakes: all 4 corners serviced this year
  • Tires: new Michelin PS4S installed late last year
  • Cadillac Premium Care Maintenance: covered through the lease term (3 years), but only up to 36k miles
  • Full service history with all maintenance done on time (early in most cases).
  • Includes both keys and a brand new set of carpeted floor mats.
  • There is no damage to the car that exceeds the acceptable lease return conditions, just minor wear and tear, all photographed at the link below.



SEE EVEN MORE PHOTOS HERE: https://photos.app.goo.gl/NMapZCFkMV1sXSRc6

Looks like a great deal!

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She’s still available! Have until September 22nd to start a transfer.

Beautiful car and a great deal.

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How is this still available?! I’d be all over this if you were in MI :+1:

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Wow, I wish I could take this over. Awesome car and a great deal. Someone take this over already :smiley:

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Got about 2 more weeks until the transfer deadline, 12 months before the lease end. Don’t miss out on this one!