No Good Lease Deals on Gle 450 Available?, Deal Review

Went to a few dealerships shopping for a 450, none had many in stock, finally found a dealer with the exact vehicle and spec I was looking for.

This is the lease deal I was quoted.

MSRP 79,500.00
Sales Tax 5,127.75
Doc 150.00
State Inspec Fee 16.75
Deputy 10.00
Title Fee 33.00
Tag/Reg 109.50
Road & Bridge 23.00
other 7.00

Balance 84,977.00

2K DAS 36/15k @ $1510.91

I told the sales guy that these are 911 numbers and he told me thats the GLE right now, its hot, everyone wants it, and most are pre-sold + Covid shrinking supplies further = you pay what we tell you or beat it.

Did I run into a bad dealer with the spec I wanted or is this the reality?

Run away from this one. The better deals are on cars that have previously been service loaners or are aging units on a lot that the dealer wants to get rid of.

If you really want the Mercedes, I would pick a different model that you can find some leftover 2019s or service loaners on.

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Oh if this is what what mercedes expects me to pay for a 450 I’m definitely running away. When looking at service loaners are they listed as used inventory or do you have to contact the dealership and ask for them?

Really depends on the manufacturer. Usually they are listed as new but have some sort of loaner designation on the website. That is my experience from BMWs and Volvos, but I know people have leased loaner Mercedes on the forum.

How does that compare to the target deal you put together first based on the rv/mf/incentive information from edmunds and comparable pre-incentive discounts you researched?

That’s where it doesn’t make sense,

Plugging into the lease hackr calculator

MSRP 79500
Selling Price 79500
M/Yr: 15k
RV 54%
.00107 MF
Dealer Fees: 349.25

I’m getting a payment of $1,147.00 Pre-Tax

I have no idea where they cooked up their numbers.

You’re in Texas, so the taxes are quite painful. Also, they’re likely marking up the mf

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Tell the guy that’s GLE63 money. He’s full of it.

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Move on… when they hit you with such high numbers, it’s almost not worth the effort to go back and forth with them


Looks like marked up MF and $0 discount. I wouldn’t even bother countering.

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Does it have to be a 450? The 350 is surprisingly responsive for being a 4cyl.

That guy is on crack. I drove one. Really liked it. But he’s off his rocker with that payment.

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OP that payment is downright disrespectful haha