No garage = Stick with the Mainstream / Avoid Luxury?

New to the site and been chasing Volvo wagon lease deals since I got here. As I’ve done so I’ve had to confront the idea that, should I land a good deal, I’ll be parking the thing in a driveway with no overhanging shelter. I live in the South and in my state, generally, and my neighborhood, specifically, garages aren’t a common thing to have, probably because we get lots of rain and flooding. My house is out of the flood zone, fortunately. We do occasionally get hail, too.

I have decent insurance. And I’ve never had an issue with three of my previous leases getting weather damaged here. But going from a Honda to a Volvo has me a bit more uptight than usual about this no garage thing. Any words of wisdom and/or caution? Edit: I’m worried, of course, about lease-end wear & tear charges, in addition to more costly repairs along the way.

You should be fine.


I feel your concern - it just feels more risky to leave a $60,000 vehicle out in the elements than a $30,000 car. Volvo’s can handle it. You won’t find W&T to be any more an issue than with your Hondas. Keep an eye on your tread wear.


It’s a Volvo, not an exotic showcar that will be worth something someday. You’re way overthinking this.


Thanks. Needed to hear that!

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It’s not a Ferrari. The beauty of a lease is at the end of the day it isn’t really your car. Also if you’re filing an insurance claim, it’s not going to matter if the car is a Volvo or a Honda. A claim on the policy is a claim on the policy.

If you really want to you could look into a pergola or a carport. Since you’re in the south, it’ll help regardless with keeping the car cool…

like some of these
As you can see there are options everywhere from $200 to $5000

More Permanent Options


Put a good sealant on the paint (I use Griot’s Garage one step sealant), reapply every 6 months or so and you’ll be just fine. I keep a few of my cars outside, two of which are 10+ years old, and their paints are all perfect. This is in the SoCal sun too.