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Avoid at all costs. Total scam. I’ve bought on here from other brokers fine before, it’s a shame.

Robert, really sorry that I couldn’t get you what you wanted in the parameters you wanted.
Yours is a case that demonstrates how I need to wrangle the dealers better, and I’m working on it!

I am continously working on improving my process, and sorry that you have felt the adverse effect of that.

That being said, I’m not a Scam. I have not taken any money from you, and I do use industry-standard, well-trusted, PCI-compliant payment processing vendors to safeguard your payment card information (including from me).

I am, at worst, a time-sink. At extreme worst, a wasted trip to a dealership.
And hard at work on fixing that!

I’m sure you’re not the only recent customer that feels my performance is unacceptable, and I am happy to hear any and all feedback!

At best @AA-NJ is an idiot and at worst committing interstate felonies. Avoid at all costs - dm me if you need info.

Hi! My record-keeping is unfortunately still a little sloppy, but it’s highly likely that you’ve never been charged. I announced recently that I’ve switched over to fail-open refunds. There is a gap of up to 7 days that I allow myself to work on your deal after collecting a CC authorization.

If you check your Credit Card statement carefully and/or call the number on the back of your card, they’ll verify 99% of the time that my charges have only been authorized, but not posted.

7 days after authorization, if it hasn’t posted, it is literally, technically, impossible for me to charge you!

This is a technical measure to ensure that I don’t hold on to anyone’s money in the event that I lose track of their deal. That being said, pending charges may still show which (rightfully) give people a little pause.

I am Proud to say that I have zero credit card deputes (filed, won, or lost) to date, and would like to keep it that way! I only take payment via major CC in a PCI-compliant way so you’re always protected.

I try to be a “glass half full” kinda guy, so I’ll take “idiot at best”. My own family pretty much says exactly this (in jest) to me all the time.

Truth is, I do wish I was more competent at being a large-scale broker.

If you follow my journey, it’s been imperfect and chaotic, but a bunch of people have fallen in love with their Hyundais on the way and keep coming back to me in a way I didn’t really expect.

I can confirm that the money was not taken off my CC… but still this was not cool.

As I said in my text to you - I can understand delays in delivery, having issues honoring a deal, etc. but I don’t know how long it takes to reply to a text message with a status update - positive or negative and would have made all the difference. This process caused me a lot more stress than it needed to.

I appreciate and sincerely apologize for that. It’s safe to say that the current model isn’t sustainable.

The honest truth is I’m limited by how well I can organize hundreds of text messages in my phone. Most sales systems have a lot more organization to them, for managing leads and stepping through the process. I just have the Messages app on my phone, and just completely lose track of who is who, and who is where in the process.

I am trying to evaluate different systems I can buy to improve the experience, and leaning towards one or two that will enable me to raise the bar.

This was a very small operation that once only brokered deals for one model of car in one locale. I definitely got a little over-ambitious with the wider menu.

Unfortunately it has devolved to the point where there literally aren’t enough hours in the day to serve everyone - with the systems I’ve got. That’s a me problem, not a you problem.

We have plans to dial it back. First and foremost is to have a communication plan for steady text updates, even if there are delays or pricing mistakes. Tracking text messages better than I do now, that’s the #1 goal. From there, other improved processes will follow.

If I don’t get back to you in the timeline you like, you should feel no guilt in moving on.

Just so we are not editing history, let’s do a quick recap of this bait and switch situation I was faced with:

  1. I waited about a week or so initially for a response (ok with that, unprofessional but whatever).
  2. After receiving a response, I was sent a number of Docusign links - this was the first red flag because it wasn’t sent to me as a signer (he copied and pasted the link), so I’d never receive a copy unless I took a screenshot (I did).
  3. He sent me to the dealer and explained the figures, which was $2340 down and $98 per month. Already this was $10 per month higher because he changed the pricing from $88 to $98 for the Ioniq EV on the forum in between the time I messaged him and he sent me to the dealer.
  4. Dealer ran credit check, told me we are good to go.
  5. I scheduled a time for pickup.
  6. I took an Uber to his dealership, two hours away.
  7. Upon arriving at the dealer, I received several notifications on Credit Karma etc that they were running my credit again.
  8. They invited me back to the office and explained that my credit was now tier 4 and that they needed to charge me more for the lease. After lots of arguing back and forth (about an hour) about why they didn’t tell me this when they ran my credit the previous week, I got the runaround but they didn’t charge me extra for this.
  9. After we got past that, they told me I needed to pay an extra $399 MVC fee and an additional $6 per month on top what I signed with Andy, or $614 total. Dealer refused to budge. Called, texted Andy many times over the 3.5 hours I was at the dealership with no response. Complete radio silence. I showed the dealer the signed paperwork and his chart showing that MVC fees are included - they didn’t care and told me he doesn’t work for them.
  10. When faced with the option of taking a $150 uber back home or taking the car, I took the car and paid the extra money. Really had no other option.
  11. Andy to this day refuses to make the situation right and refund the additional amount I paid ($346) after he forgot to charge me his broker fee. He has suggested that I sell the car to Carvana etc - not an acceptable solution after wasting an entire workday on this, money and hassle.
  12. The dealer told me while I was there that he basically runs around giving out pricing without their permission and mentioned examples of other clients visiting the dealership from NY state where the tax situation is much different for EVs, but not explained by Andy.

All in all for anyone reading this post, it would be much easier for you to google “Ioniq EV lease NJ” or something similar and send an email to a few sales managers with what you’re looking for, lock down the price before going in writing, then go to the dealer.

With Andy, I mistakenly thought since I signed a contract that the price would be honored. It wasn’t.

I have leased with other brokers on this forum, totally different experience and never had any issues.

Andy hides behind a google voice number and a sketchy registered agent address for his LLC, presumably because he’s been in trouble like this before.

He will say he’s “learning” and “growing” and making mistakes, etc. But please just do yourself the favor and find a Hyundai a different way. I’ve received messages from others on this forum regarding Andy as well - he’s not good news, to say the least.



I am really, really sorry that your car lease ended up being $346 more expensive than originally promised. Things broke own around Step 4/5 when the dealer summoned you to come pick up, but I hadn’t yet had a chance to verify the financials of the deal.

At the end of the day, your car should have only been $163/mo (adjusted for 0 down), and you ended up at $173/mo (again, adjusted for 0 down).

Even though this car lease was one of the cheapest lease deals ever posted to this forum (especially for a $40k car), even though this car was immediately worth thousands more after you leased it as a quick flip, and even though people would kill to reproduce this deal, you are right that the experience you received at the dealership is not worth standing for. And your experience does not represent what I stand for either.

It goes without saying - you have not been charged my broker fee. I could not hold up my end of the deal in your case, and so have collected nothing from you.

In the case of your vehicle, if you cannot afford or are not willing to pay the additional fee, I have offered you an option to return the car for a complete refund. Cars are not typically returnable, but yours is worth so much more than the payoff, that I would be completely willing & able to get you out of the car and deal because it was not the price you originally agreed to.

There is an easy solution to make you whole: if you cannot afford the increased payment, you can return the car, and your financial obligation to the vehicle would vanish.

Your deal was a perfect storm on my side: limited inventory remaining, customer lives far from dealership, dealers were increasing prices, and my DocuSign flow proved imperfect.

What I can tell you is that, I have made significant changes to my DocuSign process in response to your deal. Now, I am requiring dealerships to complete their portion of the DocuSign as well. This creates additional accountability over the dealership at the step where you took the biggest leap of faith.

So, all that to say:

  • I hope you ultimately were able to derive an additional $346 in value from the car, either because the car exceeded your expectations, or because you were able to flip it and get another one while putting money in your pocket. I noticed that you didn’t take me up on returning/refunding the car, so I’m really hoping that you’re loving the vehicle and the value.
  • I am grateful for you taking the time to work with me to really diagnose what went wrong. Although I strive for 100% customer satisfaction, it’s just not always possible. I have taken your (and other people’s) feedback to heart and heavily revised my process to make sure the numbers line up on every deal before any customer heads to the dealership, no exceptions.
  • Yes, this is only a $10/month discrepency on a $173/mo car, but, any sign of pricing accuracy problems should be nipped in the bud. Your issue is being treated with the same level of scrutiny as if it were $100/mo on a $60k car SUV.

I look forward to demonstrating continued success & maturity here with my corrected process, and I look forward for the opportunity to win your business again in the future. Consider it my mission to turn my least satisfied customers into my most satisfied customers next time.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you.
-:green_heart: Andy

I have locked your marketplace threads. Please PM @trusted_hackrs to reopen.


Thank you!! I need a few weeks to fix the process.


Thank you for the honest feedback! After taking some much-needed time off to really look into what works and what doesn’t, I’m happy to announce that I have made significant changes to my pipeline and process definitions, and look forward to earning your business again!

Please see my “Safe Shopping with Andy” policy which outlines the additional protections I’ve built into my process to keep dealerships accountable, even in edge cases.

Looking forward to working with you soon!
:green_heart: Andy

“Safe Shopping with Andy” Policy

  1. The only payment I ever collect from you is a $249 broker fee.

  2. Payments are processed with the utmost security & Payment Card Industry
    (PCI) best practices, completely shielding me from being able to further
    charge your card or see your card information. You are protected by your
    credit card of choice: No PayPal, No Venmo. Major Credit Cards Only.

  3. When you engage with me, you Sign & Pay directly with a mutually trusted
    third-party PCI-compliant e-signature and payment processor experience,
    which *authorizes* but does not charge your card for services rendered.

  4. I leverage fail-open refunds. Meaning: I have 7 days to service your
    deal before the bank expires the authorization. If I fail to service your
    deal within 7 days of collecting the authorization, I will unfortunately
    have to decline making the vehicle available to you, and recommend that you
    take your business to one of many competitors. I’d rather send you somewhere
    else than give you a terrible experience – and more than 7 days seems to be
    the threshold most customers are looking for!

  5. Once your card authorization is received, your deal details are securely
    routed to the dealership which attests that the deal is feasible, and
    also attests electronically and verifiably that your credit has been
    approved for the deal.

  6. Andy reviews your signed contract, and now also the dealer’s e-signed
    Commitment, and then returns the Countersigned paperwork to you. Once Andy
    Countersigns your paperwork, the $249 broker fee Authorization is Charged
    to your Major Credit Card.

  7. By the time you receive your Countersigned paperwork, you will have already
    communicated with the dealership regarding your credit score over the phone,
    and had the opportunity to ask your licensed salesperson any questions over
    the phone, before picking up or taking delivery of your new car from a
    licensed Hyundai dealership.

  8. You can compare your Countersigned paperwork, which will also have already
    been electronically confirmed to have been received and approved by the
    dealership, to any paperwork that you sign in-person at the dealership,
    where you complete your pick-up and acknowledge receipt of your new vehicle.

  9. As market prices change or pricing mistakes are discovered, I routinely make
    updates to my pricing sheets to ensure pricing is as accurate as possible
    for future viewers. Unfortunately, I cannot fully guarantee the accuracy of
    my advertised prices. However, this policy ensures that customers have the
    strongest degree of accountability I can assure, and that your individual
    deal is protected by this policy, before doing business with a car

  10. No Credit Score Discrimination. If you pay my $249 broker fee, but do
    not take the car, because your credit does not qualify for the payment at
    the tier you expected, my broker fee is fully refunded to you, by this
    policy. I do not have access to your credit score. I only have access to the
    following stateful information about your credit
    score/application/history/report: [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,Pending,Denied], as well as
    a record of whether or not you took the car.

I recently worked with Andy to get my Hyundai Kona EV Ultimate. This was my first EV, and I was very excited for it, but stressed out by the hunt. After doing some research, I reached out to Andy to see what he could do. And let me say, I could not be happier. He was friendly, transparent, and able to set me up with a wonderful deal. I was so relieved by how quick and straightforward the whole process was. Andy was efficient, the price was great, and the car runs like a charm. After this experience, I’m proudly recommending Andy to my brother-in-law.



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It was a pleasure working with Andy to get my 2022 Hyundai Kona. He was very responsive and thoroughly answered all my questions throughout the process. I actually reached out to him early in November after discovering LH, but he didn’t have the specific color combo that I wanted at that time. A few weeks later, I checked back with him and he had one! He walked me through the process of what to expect and kept checking in with me until I picked up the car. I really appreciate that he took the time to see what was going on even after I paid the fee. The deal he secured was better than most of the dealerships I visited in my area! Thank you Andy! I highly recommend his services. :slight_smile:

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Leasing now is not the easiest as everyone knows. I contacted Andy after seeing some of his crazy low pricing and he responded right away. He originally told me that cars would not be available until February. I mentioned that I was in need of one asap and after some researching he was able to locate a handful cars. We locked in a great lease on Tucson hybrid. Guided me through the process and connected me with a great dealer. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a Hyundai.

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Just wanna give a quick review on Andy:

I texted Andy in late January for a Tucson hybrid. He got back to me immediately, and we pretty much signed agreement, filled out the credit app with Hyundai, and dealer called me to confirm everything all in couple hours. Then I picked up the car later in the week, and got out of the dealership in less than an hour. Pretty quick and painless for the entire experience.

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Wanted to leave a review of my most recent purchase with Andy here:

I reached out on Nov 12 and got my order placed for a 4xe Sahara through Andy. There are a bunch of brokers offering this service but Andy’s value prop was better than the rest when you factor in total cost (shipping, doc fee, broker fee) so I decided to go with him. His thread is also very detailed and answered 90% of the questions I had since I was looking to just purchase this for a flip. He answered all additional questions I had promptly through text and I took delivery at the end of Jan (way sooner than expected). I want to give a big shout-out to Andy not only for his knowledgeability but also for remaining professional and courteous at all stages of the process. He is a true professional and extremely fair. I did not feel at any point that Andy was trying to take advantage of me. He was on my side and helped facilitate the pickup swiftly. We did have a minor hiccup which is understandable since Jeep is notoriously hard to calculate 100% correctly but Andy offered to rectify the situation. I would strongly recommend anyone that is in the market for a Jeep/Hyundai to give Andy a try. I will definitely be returning as a customer and sending him referrals because of the positive experience and service I received.


It was great working with Andy on my new 2022 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara 4xe. He made the process quite simple and transparent, and got me a great deal on the vehicle. I would highly recommend doing business with Andy if you’re in the market.

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This review has been long due. I worked with Andy earlier this year and purchased a Hyundai Elentra. The process was seamless and Andy was in communication all the way until I picked up my vehicle. I would recommend anyone interested in obtaining a vehicle to reach out to Andy as he has been a pleasure to work with!


Andy helped us secure a 2022 Tucson SEL + AWD. He was quite responsive from the very beginning, and overall a great pleasure to work with!

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I HATE buying new cars. Andy made this process so much easier. He dealt with the annoying parts of making the deal. We had a bumpy road with some unfortunate circumstances along the way, but he kept looking out until he got something that worked. The first time I was in and out of a dealership in under an hour with my new 2022 Tuscon SEL Prem, and without the usual headache that accompanies car buying.

Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend my man Andy to my family and friends. =)