NJ EV Rebate still active?


I expect them to continue to send the checks out although it will take time to process. This is a 10 year program… if they were to defund after 1 year that would not make very much sense lol.

Just (finally) got approved for chargeup rebate after sending in a copy of my lease

Meant bonusdrive. Got chargeup few weeks ago

Received confirmation that my check was mailed today. Leased on 9/12. I believe that time line is around the same as the first time for me, maybe slightly quicker.

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I submitted my rebate September 23 and got an email today that the check was sent out

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The rumors are true, the CHARGE UP NJ Rebate program is coming to an end for vehicles leased/purchased after 12/15/2020. The money is being reappropriated for COVID-19 Relief.

Sign your contract on your Ioniq EV, Bolt, or Tesla within the next 2 days if you don’t want to lose out on up to $5k of incentive money.

Can’t find a Bolt in stock? I have over 100 Ioniq Limiteds on my thread that are ready to find homes in the next 3 days so NJ rebates can claim their rebate. I’ll send these Ioniqs to NY dealers via dealer trade after the expiry.

If you were on the fence about an EV in NJ, this is final call!


Can you post something to back that up?


I’m going to be the source of the information on this one. A written communication may not go out until, say, Monday. So you’ll have to take my word for it today. I will post an excerpt of the written communication when I can, so consider it a well-informed rumor for now.

It would be a bit of a catch-22, though, if the information about the program expiration isn’t widely communicated until after it’s too late to get a car. That is why I’m here to post this warning.

If you choose to not believe it, and are shopping for a EV in NJ, don’t come crying to me next week for a car when they’re all $118/month+ more expensive, or inventory has been shifted to a different state.

This change happened abruptly and I have definitely conducted my own due diligence before making such claims. I’m the last person that wants to be delivering this news.

I turn to my own post history, customers served, and intimate knowledge and passion of EV Sales in NJ to establish some credibility. I built my business on bringing credible information on programs, such as CHARGE UP NJ and vehicles, such as HYUNDAI IONIQ EV, to the table. And then delivering on exactly what I said was going to happen


This is an interesting development if true, but not totally unsurprising. There were rumors back in September that something like this might happen. The timing is a little unusual though, you would think that they would wait until the end of the year or fiscal year. The 2021 budget also has 20 million earmarked for the program as recently as late September.

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I hope you are dead wrong

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Me too, brother.

I’m wondering if this is going to have some other bad stuff attached to it if it goes through. NY and PA may have forced the Governor’s hand here with the indoor dining bans again. They have mostly been in lockstep on these measures and Murphy is going to absolutely destroy a bunch of businesses and families right before the holidays if he decides to parrot their responses here.

For what it’s worth I had a Chevy sales manager confirm to me today that tomorrow will be the last day the rebate money will be available until at least July.

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I agree with NJ. If I have to choose between funding unemployment or free bolts, would rather do unemployment.


Same here, except he had no clue if or when it will be back

I don’t believe the program will be coming back at all for the foreseeable future. I have no information to corroborate that it will be returning at all.

As I said when I broke the news, I am the last person that wants to see this happen, but also agree that the state needs COVID-19 relief more than it needs cheap electric cars.

It sounds like we will be running near 24-hour hours at my Hyundai dealer partners to crank out as many as possible before tomorrow is over. I still have plenty of stock, and will have plenty of stock thru the deadline.


Well, it is now posted on the Charge Up website. It’s official.

To meet the deadline, is signing a deal on 12/15/2020 enough, or one must take delivery on 12/15/2020 to meet the deadline?

I would never intentionally steer this community in the wrong direction! No one is less happy than me that my prediction was accurate.

I believe you need to take delivery by 12/15. I will post an update in approximately three hours after more information has been disseminated.


Wow. I didn’t realize I snuck in under the wire. I picked up a Model Y on Nov 23rd and the $5k was a huge part of making that lease worth it to me.


Confirmed via email from Charge Up , for Tesla, ordered by 12/15.