NJ Deal Check-2018 BMW 330xi Loaner



Right! lol

An extra $10/month for the hassle isn’t always worth it.

Time is money!


Going with a different dealer thanks to @discountsales2020 and doing it at 19.3% off before the $3500 rebate.

Found some between 20-21% but not with the options my friend wants.

All in all, doing $425/month with $425 DAS and $3150 in MSDS
MSRP $49785
Selling Price Pre Rebate-$40185
Less $3500 = $36,685
All NJ Taxes and Fees Rolled in


How many max miles can a pre-owned BMW have before i can lease one?


you can’t lease a pre-owned BMW. Only one that was in-service as a loaner/demo (Punched).

Anything over 5k you lose incentives and have a residual hit. You need a substantial discount to make it attractive.

Anything over 500 miles must have a mileage adjustment. So if the car has 4000 miles, you would deduct 3500 miles @ 0.25/mile off of the residual.


Thank You. The car i was looking at was fully loaded ad had 10K miles. Carfax says Corporate fleet vehicle. I guess i can’t lease it.


9999 is the cutoff for leasing.


Ahhh Thank You. Love LH and all the information/knowledge you gain.


Why were they bumping the rate on 24 months and not 36?


To be honest, I didn’t even ask and don’t even know if the lease sheet for 24 is accurate.

I only looked at 36.


Hey All!

Can you guys keep me honest.

USAA does not work with loaner cars, correct?



If under 5000 miles. Extra $250 off


Are you certain? I don’t mean to question you because that is also what I saw.

I can’t seem to come to terms with them on this and would love to have something in writing.


They changed it back in July to be allowed. That’s not to say they changed it back on Jan 1 though. I haven’t heard of it changing back.


Thank you both!

Is there any place I can look to verify it 100%?


Looks like it has stayed the same:


Thank you all!

I just wish it said "loaner’ somewhere.


$299 fee on this one.


For a $250 rebate…