NJ Deal Check-2018 BMW 330xi Loaner



I’d like to start off by saying two things:

  1. I don’t know the NJ market and have no problem admitting that
  2. Huge thanks to @discountsales2020 for all of his assistance thus far!

2018 BMW 330xi Former Loaner with 3900 Miles
MSRP $49,035
Sale Price: $40,814
Less $3500 Rebate - $37,314
MF: .00153
Residual: 61%
36 Months/10K Year
Due at Signing $419 (First Payment) Plus $3150 in MSDs Totaling $3569
Taxes included in this price

Blind Spot
Sport Line
Heated Seats and Wheel

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Would love thoughts!


You know it, right? Less than 17% off on a BMW loaner is a no-no.


It’s $115 shy of 17% before rebates and there aren’t a lot of MY 18 Loaners left.

I figured with 16.77% was close enough haha


Not close enough to the magic 25% off. That’s what I meant, not that it was short of 17% lol


I need a glass of bourbon. Following you now.


Just throw extra 3% off and you are under $400/mo with lower MSDs DAS and a nice round 20% off.


Beauty. Thank you sir.


Also - where is tax? :thinking::grin:


Tax is included in the 419/month number.


You didn’t say it in the OP. NJ tax? Is it your deal or you are trying to broker it?


NJ Tax. Doing it for a friend.


Ask @nyclife what he thinks :smirk:
Or just hire him lol



Thought about it. NY/NJ is a different beast than New England


30% is even better, ha!


12/26, got mine with 2500 miles, $49.8k MSRP, 21% off minus $4k incentives, $500 at signing and $341/mo for 24/10. MF was .00182 at the time, but no MSDs.

NJ dealers are a PITA but finally found BMW of Mt Laurel where they were willing to deal. Their first offer was 18.5% off.


Super helpful thank you for sharing!


You’re welcome. Good luck. Let us know how you make out.


Will do and thanks very much!


Haha LH will not be happy unless discount is 20-25% loaners. Definitely possible just don’t know how much time you want to spend finding it


I think 25 is extremely rare. IMHO, 18 puts you in the good category, 20 is great, and anything more is incredible.