NJ 2017 E3004M 30 +/- mos remaining $480 mo One Pay. 12k mi per yr $63k MSRP w/ 4yr 40k PPM plus X-fer Fee

My wife is having problem with seating position in this car so thinking of swapping out. Proposing $480 per mo x 30 remaining = $14,400, plus MBFS x-fer fee.
Thanks, Mort

2017 E3004m
Sport, Premium 1, Pano Roof, Burmeister
Selenite / BlkTex Miles at signing 4,800 Current approx 9,000mi. signed 9/17
Includes 4yr / 40K MB PPM. Since car was a demo, we opted for extra service.

I replicated as best I could the original deal below.

Post photos for a quicker sale.

Thanks NYC, When the snow melts. BTW happy to work w/ a broker if u have a NJ buyer.

I don’t really work with transfers, too many variables. However, If I have a customer I’ll send them your way at no charge.

I can understand that. You sure wouldn’t want my sister in laws car. Near biohazard w/ 4 kids…

Just curious why you did a one-pay instead of just MSDs? Usually, it’s hard enough to get a transferee to pay back MSDs, I cant imagine how hard it will be to find someone willing to do a $14k+ one-pay.

Edit: maybe I misread your post? Are you asking for one-pay amount upfront or that $480/month for 30 month comes out to $14k+?

Hi Jon, NY dealers don’t do MSD, but can do 1 pay & I always do 1 pay. Yes looking for full 1 pay amount.

Understand, we may need to ride it out, that’s why I was trying to get some feedback. Just been bothering her back for whatever reason.

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Have you thought about possibly trying a more comfortable tire compound and/or going 1" down on the wheel size (e.g. 17s instead of 18s)?

Getting out of a one-pay lease can be challenging but either way I wish you the best.

hi i’m interested, can do one pay. Plz PM me with more details/pics if possible, thx