Nissan Specials - Sentra, Rogue and Frontier YMMV


Definitely looks hackable with large discount and rebate

Good luck with these offers got a quote from my local Nissan dealer earlier on a base Altima it had been discounted nicely. I read all the fine print to make sure the rebates didn’t say for purchase only. I didn’t see that anywhere quote came back $370 is he fucking insane to think i would pay that for a base only rebates i was offered in the quote when i questioned him was $500 owner loyalty. They could have put that in the print that most rebates were only available for purchase. Then he got pissed when i laughed at that quote and told him i could get a Q50 less than that.

I don’t think a Rogue for 150 is terribly outlandish. They are 200 at any other dealer all day… Sure you will be given the upsell, bait and switch, add-on and all other 100 shady dealer tactics but you don’t have to fall for them …