Nissan Scandal Deepens, CEO resigns

#whoops I overpaid myself $900k/yr. How many Altimas and Muranos did they have to sell to rental car companies to pay for that?

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About 900,000.

Speaking of which: anyone notice the Altima is the new de facto hooptie?


Enterprise did!

Not surprising. Nissan is a mess.

A lifetime ago, I used to be a Corporate Governance Analyst (albeit for pharma co’s not auto’s) but we found many of these large Japanese conglomerates to be exceptionally difficult to deal with. Some were excellent and very transparent but lots were extremely secretive about their remuneration policies (if any even existed)

It was often a case of the senior execs just submitting requests for money or invoices for insane things - and it being approved due to seniority, a fear to question members of the C-Suite and there just being no corporate policy to back them up.

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Good God, the things you must’ve seen…

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Truly life in the trenches!

The only highlight in the 3 years I did that job, was working with the head of our investment committee who at the time was just known as Justin, but is now known as The Most Reverend Archbishop of Canterbury which is apparently a thing? Even that’s scraping the barrel for interest though.