Nissan rumored to cut models globally amid waning demand/age of product

(Note: if Nissan Fanboi’s poo poo other brands in this thread, like they are known to do, their comments will be chucked to the landfill. The article is about Nissan…not BMW, not JLR, not Acura, etc…).


Nissan executives: “Hey guys, lets not update any of our models for a decade”

people stop buying Nissans

Nissan executives: :open_mouth:???


Versa - Quite possibly the biggest piece of poo on the road today…Redesigned for 2019, but riding on a 10 year old platform.

Sentra - Introduced in 2013. Replacement rumored to be coming in the fall as a 2020, but nothing concrete.

Altima - Released in fall of 2018 as a 19, replacing 6 year old car driving on an 11 year old platform.

Maxima - Released in 2015; using an 11 year old platform

Leaf - Arriving in 2018, replaced an 8 year old design.

370z - An ancient car, released in 2009, with minor updates throughout lifecycle + no full redesign. Rumored to go on hiatus. The car’s platform (FM), was introduced in 2001 (that’s not a typo).

Juke - Discontinued in USA in 2017…was a 7 year old design

Kicks - Introduced in 2016, brought to US in 2018

Rogue Sport - Introduced in 2013, brought to US in 2017, already 5 model years old when it arrived

Rogue - Introduced in 2014; rumored to be a replacement in 2021…8 model years after launch

Murano - Introduced in 2015; riding on the D platform, introduced in 2007.

Pathfinder - Introduced in 2013; riding on D platform, introduced in 2007

Armada - Introduced in 2017, it replaced the first gen, which lasted from 2004-2016…13 model years! Redesigned model riding on platform created in 2005.

Frontier - Rivaling the old Ford Ranger as one of the oldest trucks on the road - Introduced in 2004.

Titan - Introduced in 2016, replaced first gen which was in production from 2003 - 2015.

To say Nissan’s cars, on average, are old is an understatement. Infiniti isn’t much better.
Correlation between falling retail sales + fleet dumping? Nah :smiley:


I believe the all new Leaf is actually just on a modified platform of the old car. So not so all new after all :slight_smile:


Yeah, there’s no reason why they offer some of their products.

  1. Versa. Only reason why it exists is because it’s the cheapest new car you can buy in the US. People that aren’t credit challenged are going to spring for the much better Yaris or Fit.

  2. 370Z. Too heavy and fat compared to the FR-S / BRZ / Miata. Too slow compared to Mustang / Camaro / Challenger. Back when it was new, the toyota/subaru twins were still dreams, the NC Miata wasn’t much competition, and the new wave of competitive American muscle had just started.

  3. Frontier. What’s crazy is that there is a Frontier replacement for everybody BUT the US (Nissan Navara). There’s also a decent 5 seater SUV based off the same vehicle (Nissan Terra) that would compete in the mid-size SUV market. Instead they let the Pathfinder drag on.

I disagree with cutting the Maxima, as I think it’s one of the better full sized sedans for sale in the US, but it is getting long in tooth.

I wouldn’t doubt it. I couldn’t find any info on the platforms of the first gen or second gen, although admittedly, it wasn’t that important to me to look that hard either :slight_smile:

Agree…but that’s a double-edged sword. Do sales volumes warrant a redesign? I think that’s the big question. If they’re in money hoarding mode, I could see it getting mothballed and maybe re-released a few years down the line. They mothballed it once before too, so not too far-fetched it could happen again.

Coming from someone who has had one as a rental (unfortunately), it drives as cheap as that Monroney sticker says too.

Just following trend it looks like. Other manufacturers of vanilla have also consolidated.

Vanilla pretty much sums up the entire brand. I mean, really, is there 1 Nissan that you say “WOW!”? The latest gen Altima isn’t a bad looking car, as is the Max, but the Max is getting old. I can see the younger crowd liking the Kicks or the Rogue Sport. Outside of that…nothing screams “OMG, I want that car!” unless your name is Hertz or National.

While they’re at it, throw in an 8-10 speed tranny, and get rid of the rubber band. I can’t see a CVT saving that much more fuel over a modern 8-10 speed. They served their purpose when they were released, but transmissions have evolved since then.

Well they have one car you would say wow but even that one is getting old


The vehicle without a CVT is the best car in the Nissan lineup. SHOCKER!

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I’d also like to point out that the new armada is basically a Nissan patrol/Infiniti QX56, which came out circa 2010, a decade ago.

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I’ve always thought that the maxima was a cut above it’s Honda and Toyota counterparts.

Sad to hear it’s on the chopping block.

It needs a technology update and better config on safety features, but dumb to have the QX60 on the list as mid-size SUVs are the sweet spot of the market.

It’s Infiniti’s best seller by a long shot and sales are up 10% YTD

That’s because they’re ancient and giving them away.

the redesigned QX50 is down for the year and the Q50 they are giving away is down 25% this year

The mid-size, 3 row capable crossover market is an important one and a sweetspot for the Japanese luxury brands. It’s not like the Pilot, MDX and RX350 aren’t long in the tooth too

You may say wow (and, again, even that was YEARS ago), but does it sell?

I think the main problem w/ Nissan it seems to have no reason for existing at all. What do any of its models do that the competition doesn’t do equally well (or much better)? None of their products are vying for head of the class in terms of styling, driving dynamics, interior quality, performance, etc. Even the much-awaited variable compression ignition doesn’t seem to do much for fuel economy.

Genuine question: what’s the Honda equivalent? The first-gen Maxima was awesome. It has been less than impressive in most of its iterations since then (IMO). The Avalon is not setting sales charts ablaze (I assume); the LaCrosse is on the chopping block. So even if the Maxima were great as a product, there’s really no business case to be made, esp since 3-row SUVs have essentially over in that market.

Larger sedans have been in danger since crossovers caught up to them in fuel economy. Adapt or die.

I think the interior styling and quality of the Murano is as nice or nicer than any other non-luxury brand I’ve tried, especially the platinum trim. They are probably the comfiest seats I’ve experienced, and I’ve rented a lot of vehicles over the years.