Nissan Rouge or Murano Lease Numbers?


I am looking for numbers on either a Rogue or Murano Lease for 14216? Any bonus offers?


2015 Murano:
55% for 12K mi/year
MF .00003
$325 lease cash on S and SV; $1,025 on SL

2016 Rogue:
59% for 12K mi/year, all models except S AWD (60%)
MF .00055
$700 lease cash

Check with Nissan site or Edmunds for targeted incentives (make sure they can be applied to leases)

Hi Michael,

Getting closer to lease expiring, would you mind updating just the rogue numbers?


2016 Rogue
59% 12k miles.
MF 0.00014
$700 lease cash.

If you are in NY i could quote you on a lease if you’d like.

Yeah sure. Looking for an SL AWD. Zip 14216.

2016 Nissan Rogue SL AWD
36 Months 12000 Miles per year
$295 Tax included per month
Due at signing: $1366. Includes: 1st month. Nissan bank fee $595. DMV new plate $362.50. Upfront taxes $113.31.

Or just 1st month + DMV at signing:
$315 Tax included
Due at signing: $677. 1st month + DMV $362.50.

The dealership is in Long Island, i could arrange a truck if needed, current rates are between $300 to $400. You would pay the truck at delivery.

Msrp and selling price?

MSRP $31645
Selling Price $31029
Purchase option $18950.55

I’m trying to make those numbers work with the calculator here but I keep coming up with higher numbers. I used:

MSRP 31645
Sales 31029
Incentive $700 (lease cash correct?)
Residual 59%
Months 36
MF .00014

I get $347. What variable am I missing?

I have extra discounts that i apply as dealer cash, since i do many cars with this Nissan dealer in NY. You get an extra 2200 in dealer cash.

Is there a similar deal for a Murano SL or Platinum AWD? I’m also in NY.

The Platinum ads about $25/30 to the monthly price.

2016 Nissan Murano AWD SL MSRP $40275
36 Months 12000 Miles
$463 Tax in. Kings county 8.875%
Due at signing: $1536. Breakdown: 1st month. Nissan bank fee $595. DMV new plate $362.5. Taxes on rebates $114.93

1st and DMV:
$484 Tax in
Due at signing: $846.

@LeaseMia How would the Rogue pricing be changed if the vehicle was purchased through the Nissan VPP program? For instance, I’m shown a 2016 Rogue SL MSRP $33770 with a purchase price of $31975.

The discount i get is greater than the discount you would get with the VPP. I confirmed with the dealer as well.

Would the 362 be waived if I don’t need new plates, just transferring mine over, what’s that, like $40-$50 or something?

Also, is this the SL with the premium package or not.

Could you do up a mock lease agreement and email it to me so I could review?
If you want, I’ll pm you my cell.