Nissan Rogue S AWD: Deal Check

Looking for a deal check please on a Nissan Rogue S AWD, 36 mos, 12k miles, only 1st month payment DAS.

MSRP $28,350
Sale Price $25,558
Plus Incentives & Rebates $3,500
DMV $300, Dealer fees total $949
49% RES/0.00003 MF
6% tax
Monthly payment $305.80

I can’t get this accurate in calculator, does this seem like a good deal at 22.2% off MSRP after incentives?

Where are you located? Doesn’t sound like a good deal in the least.

Maryland - It’s the lowest deal by far between multiple dealers after negotiating. I’m open to suggestions, thank you.

Frankly, I’d look into working with one of the northeast brokers in the marketplace section if you’re set on a Rogue. You may also want to look at Equinox, Tiguan, even Outback which occasionally have aggressive deals.

Thanks, I appreciate that.

Definitely comb the marketplace section, expand your geographic search to NJ, etc as it’s probably going to be worth your while. Once you’ve gotten yourself oriented on what’s available that works for you, we can further the discussion here. Good luck!

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I’m combed through it already and did have a broker find the same price for me (keep in mind my incentives bring the total price down to 22% off MSRP, if that helps). The Tiguan is more expensive this month from what I see, maybe it’s the Maryland tax at 6%. I’ll keep looking though and appreciate the guidance.

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A Rogue is so terrible that I turn them down as a rental car. Avoid Nissan crap like the plague


This is an ok deal for a base Nissan Rogue. With this type of money you should be able to get a Murano, with the current incentives. Expand your search to surrounding states. Nissan vehicles are not flying off of dealer lots, so you should be able to find a deal. Keep searching if you are not in a rush for a car.

Thank you but I’ve leased to over the last six years and I’ve never had one maintenance problem. It’s also going to be a third car for the household snd used less. Regardless of the engine and how it drives, I’m curious to see what people think of the deal.

If you post your calculator, we can help figure out why it isn’t working.

Looking at post incentive rebates isn’t what you want to compare. You need to compare pre-incentive discounts.

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Thank you @mllcb42, here is the calculator (I’m close, but off somehow), I appreciate it!

Another Rouge thread my condolences for having to deal with that sad CVT Transmission.

Leasehackr Calculator

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I am working with @Cars4Us on Nissan deal. Reach out to him as thats the best i have found so far on Rogue

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Thanks but that changes the sales price a bit from what I was quoted. I appreciate it though.

Will do thanks

Without knowing what the discounting is typically on a Rogue, it seems fair enough with no obvious ripoffs. I guess my question is at $300/mo is your heart set on a Rogue or would you consider higher MSRP’d vehicles that can get down to the same monthly?

I’m turning in a rouge so would like to avoid the drop off fee, but yes I’m open to other SUVs potentially. Thank you

Is Nissan (manufacturer, not dealer) offering to waive the Disposition Fee if you lease another car?

I would start looking for the best possible discount you can find as well as verify the RV and MF on Edmunds.