Nissan Rogue - Is this a good Deal - what to do?

SV - Model with options
MSRP- 32215
Selling - 22215 ( Includes 2250/- lease rebate by nissan )
Residual - 57%
MF -0.0004
Monthly with zero drive off :164

Catch 22: Dealer is willing to sell for 22215 as the incentives are same , for lease he wants atleast 250 as he wont do below that - talked to manager and GM and they all seem to be inline …:):slight_smile:

I don’t understand your last sentence.

Ended up buying this morning…I meant they will sell at this price will not leave… Inventive are same for lease and but at 2250… Talked to their general manager and they seem to be of no help…mm

Your post is so confusing. If they won’t sell for that sales price, why did you list $164/monthly with $0 drive off?

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I think I may have some clue what he is trying to say. Looks like dealer will only sell the car for $22,215, but won’t lease him at that selling price. Looks like he finally ended up buying it instead of leasing. If they had sold him at $22,215, his payments would have been at $164, but dealer wanted $250 per month.

Did you end up financing it? What was the rate? Did they pad the rate to make profit?

No didn’t finance… used my credit Union. … They had done 2250 if I didn’t take 0 app and 500 another customer communication…

Yes this is what I meant to say