Nissan radio presets

I picked up my Pathfinder on Monday, and after driving it a few days I made a weird discovery this morning–it appears that the radio presets are tied to each key fob.

I had been using the same fob since the day I got it, had all my stations set, and then this morning the keys must have gotten shuffled and I grabbed the other fob from my desk. I got in the car and all of the radio presets were blank. At first I thought something was wrong with the car, maybe the battery disconnected and reset everything or something, then I realized it was the 2nd fob.

Has anyone seen this before, and is there an easy way to synch them, or do I just need to add all the stations again when I use that one? It’s not a major problem or hard to fix, just seems like kind of a weird design decision by Nissan.

Thanks. I was looking through the book, but never saw that. I’m not used to all this fancy shit. Last car didn’t even have power seats.

Just like memory seats, it’s great for those of us white guys standing 6’4" married to latin ladies of 5’ nuthin. That way not only are you able to get in the car, but you’re not inundated with damn Despacito on the super aggressive Spanglish radio station when you take off for work!


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