NISSAN not allowing lease extension on One Pay Lease

get a new lease - April programs are as good as it gets + loyalty plays in your favor.

Mile overage is .25c a mile. But I read there is an option to buy miles as long as you have 30 days left in the lease for 10 cents. We are 7000 miles over lol, so I hope I can work that out!

My understanding is that that does not apply to the one pay leases we all signed for the frontiers. It has to be “signature flex” or something to get the 0.10 mileage. I hope I’m wrong if someone knows better!

Interesting. Let me know if anyone gets clarity.

Log into your account, it’s pretty clear what the price is for extra miles.

Oof. That’s good to know. I was planning on the extension as well.

This is what I found out after calling Nissan Financial as of today:

  1. If you are paying month-to-month lease you can extend your lease for 3 months. If you want to extend another 3 months you need to show proof of documentation you are getting another Nissan/Infiniti car.
  2. If you did a one-pay on the lease, there are no extensions.

Initially, the customer service rep will say you can extend your lease. But if you did a one-pay the code they use on the extension will not work on the system to grant the extension. I requested to talk to the supervisor and they said the same thing. The system does not allow for them to extend the lease on the one-pay.

I don’t think you can extend the lease until 3 months of your lease ending date.

If you did a one-pay there are no extensions. The customer service rep would not know this until they pull up your account to put in the extension code in the system. The code cannot be completed for the extension on the one-pay lease.

While we may all question some of the things that Nissan does this honestly makes business sense to not extend one pays. While fully realizing that’s not what most want to hear on here.

These leases IIRC correctly were forecasted out with high rv’s and moderately high mf’s which were very wisely brought down by the people that did one pays and / or MSD’s.

With the used car market indicating moderateky declining values from prior quarter or year, it makes sense Nissan is ready to ground the leases and either the dealers can throw it on the cpo / used lot or if not Nissan runs it thru at auction, gets what the market will allow for, and moves on.

Maybe it hooked a certain percentage of people into the Nissan / Infiniti ecosystem and they get a loyal customer, if not, they move some items off the balance sheet and move on the next thing.

Or they just don’t have the bandwidth to recalculate anything that changes (tax, reg, etc).

I dunno if it’s that. I had the same issue last fall. NMAC could/would not extend a 1-pay. They were able to give me a penny perfect payment amount but could not complete the extension as the system would not allow them to complete the process. Sounded like it was a recent change at that time.

I called in a few times. First rep said, I might be able to but need to contact the dealer to see about it. Second and third time I called they said while they could quote the payment, the policy was simply no monthly extensions for a 1-pay.

I’m guessing the payment amount which was set using a low MF predicated on a 1-pay simply was too low for them to want to continue offering it as a monthly payment. Probably easier to just disallow the extensions vs trying to figure out how to make it pencil. Sucks but I can’t say I don’t understand.

You can buy miles with Nissan at any point before the lease is up at $0.10/ mile. That’s what I plan to do

Not everyone is eligible for this.

Qualifying customers include customers who signed the FLEX Lease waiver at contract signing or all leases with a start date of February 1, 2023 or later.

This is the exact scenario I encountered when I called to extend.