Nissan Murano SL - Is This A Good Deal?

$435/month including tax, $0 drive-off. MSRP is $38515. Does this seem like a good deal?

How many months?
How many miles?
What is the sale price?
How much are the fees (doc, dmv, etc)?
What is your tax rate?

Sale price is $33340
Not sure on the doc fees
Tax rate is 7%

If it’s a true zero drive-off (not even your first payment), then yes that looks like a good deal when you consider that there aren’t any lease incentives right now.

Your numbers add up when using the lease calculator with .00019 MF and 53% residual (info from, and it looks like the doc fee and registration add up to ~$300.

The only thing you could do to get it lower is to shop that quote around to other dealers and ask if they can beat it.

Not a good deal. You need to get it under $385, so $50 to negotiate away. Get the deal to lower the selling price by another $2000.

What standard are you basing that on? It’s unrealistic to expect a dealer to discount it by 19%

A good rule of thumb is 1% of msrp price as monthly.

I would say that could indicate a great deal.

However in this case, if the OP is wanting to lease this specific vehicle, he will have a hard time getting to 1% of MSRP due to the low residual and lack of incentives. Is it a good deal out of all midsize SUVs? No, of course not. Is it a good deal if you are intent on that particular model? Yes, but as I said before it is still worth it to ask around and see if other dealers can do better.

Agreed. If the question is specific to Murano then who knows? If the question is about Suvs then op is directed to the volvo xc60 threads where cars with msrp of 45k are being negotiated for 300 a month or less.

I finally signed a lease for this vehicle. I got it for $385/month including taxes and just first month payment out of pocket. MSRP is $38675. Thank you to everyone for all of the information/advice I’ve received on this site over the last couple months!

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Where di you do this? And how did you get the price down low, in a typical lease negotiation can you negotiate with money factor, residuals? Or did you just do it off the monthyl. We got it post-tax with GAAP for $500 here in NJ yesterday!

Wonder if I can also retroactively negotiate the lease price down if I threaten to bring it back to the dealer

-NOob here

Typically you can’t bring back a car unless you dealer offers it or there is a provision for that in your state.

i have either a 1 day window here in NJ

Also is everything at negotiatble? I was told the residual was 51% which seems low, resulting in a higher monthly cost

Residual is set by the finance company and is not negotiable. The mf is also set by the finance company but the dealer is often allowed to mark it up (they don’t always do it though).

If you do return the car, I wouldn’t expect that dealership to want to do any further business with you so hopefully there are others in your area.