Nissan Murano, Platinum, AWD

Hi Guys,

I joined recently the site and I am so grateful for the information I found here.

I’m on hunt for family SUV and today with my wife we spent couple of hours at Nissan Dealership.

The best deal that we got for Murano Platinum was around 500usd/month with 2.5k drive off. I was told the residual is 39% which is pretty low.

Am I wrong?

I don’t know if the RV is really 39%. If it is, that’s impossible to get a deal on.

Aside from that, don’t go to a dealer till you’ve already made a deal to save some time.

Negotiate via email, then pick up the car.

Check other brands if it’s a better deal you seek.

In Mar 2016, I leased a 2015 Platinum AWD Murano with Tech Pkg for $339 for 36 mos 10k miles, including tax. I had $2500 equity in my trade and $0 cash down. $500 per mos seems high. Definitely shop around online first.

Use dealer websites to find models you want, then submit an inquiry on the website asking for best price and/or lease terms. Consumers have the upper hand today, and most dealers are aggressively competitive and upfront on line. If they refuse to give you details, move on.

This local dealer in Ohio is very upfront online. It does not appear that the Murano is leasing well at all right now. On a purchase, they show discounts and rebates totaling over $9000. But, the lease is showing $413 + tax and with $3500 down.


Avoid the murano in any trim that’s not s or sv

Fixed haha.

The Murano just isn’t really competitive anymore. There are so many crossovers with newer designs and more approachable leases. This segment just explodes with new entries.

My $0.02. Add 98 pennies and get a scratch off.


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