Nissan Murano lease ending


Hey was looking for advice, lease ending in October for 2019 Murano. The RV is $20,000. What are my best options?

In NJ 08242

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If it’s a lease from NMAC you have semi-limited options for your buyout. I’m sure one of the THs will pop in a few minutes and give the template post of options and places to get a quote.

You’ll have to figure if or how much equity you have in your lease, and as an NMAC client will have to either purchase your car and register/pay tax to sell to a third party (not recommended due to the volatile market and timeframe it takes to do this IMO), or sell to a dealer group/network that can buy an NMAC lease like CarShop, Penske, or Autonation, or directly to an NMAC dealer.

unless super low miles and a clean carfax, you wont get much out of it.

Clean carfax, 24184 miles

wanna pm me the vin

Do you need another car if you sold/returned this one?

Hi @mattya00 curious what you decided to do? I’m in NJ and my Murano lease is up in Oct as well.

FYI for others - Mine is an NMAC lease. I have 40k miles, clean carfax and need another car, but was considering another brand.

You should definitely consider other brands. What do you need in a vehicle and what’s your budget?

Hey i am actually trying to help out my father… murano doesnt look like a great lease at the moment… was thinking it may be a good idea to buy it out, RV only 20,000… right now being sold mid to high 20,000’s. At least as a worse case scenario. If they can match what he will pay if he buys it out, maybe lease again. Good luck!

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What trim level is it?

@TypeSH mine is an SV but I want an SL. Am also considering buying it since the lease prices are so high.

@max_g I’m also looking at pre-owned CX90s and MDXs (would be nice to have the 3rd row, but not required). Would plan to finance for 60 months and put ~5k down to stay under $750/month.

Think you’d be much better off buying brand new in the CX5/CX50 segment than a preowned CX9 or MDX


Take a look at the Murano SV Midnight Edition, on an 18mo lease, had a high RV (87% in June) providing for a lower payment. The Midnight Edition has nice upgrades making it closer to the SL level. I rolled my '19 Murano SV lease in June

20" Gloss Black Alloy Wheels
Blackout front grille, lower fascia, exterior trim
Leatherette seats through-out
Heated front seats
Passenger seat controls
Rear-set fold-down levers from cargo area

If you have equity in your current SV, you can roll over those monies and likely secure a sub $400/mo payment, and you can extend the lease by a min of 6mos, making it 24mos in total. That should get you to a point in time when leases and payments are better in 2 years. Good Luck.