Nissan: Lowest Sales in 6 Years - March Deals?

Nissan just announced they are reducing their expected global sales signficantly for the current fiscal year ending in March including 9% reduction in the US market. Does that mean great deals coming next month??

They specifically said they want to avoid deep discounting to hit sales targets but desperate times call for desperate measures. Maybe QX60 will be available for under $200/month :smiley:

Not a great time to be Nissan, with this and Ghosn.

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Ghosn in 60 seconds.


Can only hope for even better deals on QX 50 or 60…

I’m amazed by all the great deals we’ve seen in the past 2 years for the QX50 and QX60, but you can’t come close to those for the Murano and Pathfinder.

I don’t understand how Infiniti has been able to discount their luxury versions by so much, but Nissan has nowhere near the same amount of support and programs for their lower end versions.

I’ve gone in and spoke w/ Nissan dealers and they openly laugh when I mention how low I can get the Infiniti versions for, which have nicer trims and more options bundled in than the Nissans.

Its more on the dealers – Infiniti hasnt really dropped BMW level incentives but they have relatively high residuals and low MF. The dealers are the ones offering a 15% discount

True, they gotta move metal one way or another to get their factory greens otherwise they end up having to sell the dealership to some scummy new owners and the cycle goes on and on

Murano and Pathfinder are much newer (not counting the 19 qx50). The qx60 is ancient. That tooling was bought and paid for years ago.

Unless I’ve missed the latest update, QX60 and Pathfinder are on the same platform.

Also, these vehicles all tend to have 7-year development cycles (give or take a year), if anything German 3-row SUVs such as Q7 and GLS could be longer.

QX60 isn’t an old car (based on how many years it has been around). However, it was old when it came out, using some of the same stuff a 2008 Infiniti Ex had.

Pathfinder is based on Nissan D platform, which came out in 07, same as the qx60. I was mistaken and thought the Pathfinder came out on new underpinnings at the last redesign.

Honestly, features wise, it’s right up there with the rest of its competitors, car play aside. The transmission just kills me though. The cvt drives me nuts and is the most unpredictable thing I have ever heard. You have no idea when it’s going to shift.

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Well… that’s what happens when you try to price race between Nissan (common) and Infiniti (high-end). I believe Honda will get there too if they won’t change their pricing model(accord vs. TLX).

Going out of the recession, didn’t make (most) people richer. It just got them a job.
(more) People become aware of their financial balance.
Prices on car, loans/finance went up, and surprise… less demand (affordability) for new cars.

Maybe it’s a wake -up call to the industry - rebuild the pricing model.