Nissan lease buyout

Due to the current market, I will be buying out my Nissan Rogue lease this summer when it’s up and getting my own financing. My question is, do I have to go back to the dealer I originally leased it from or can I work with any local Nissan dealer? Basically I want to make sure that I’m not overpaying on fees, etc., so I’ll be reaching out to a few local dealers. One dealer I reached out to said I need to go back to the dealer I leased it from. This just doesn’t seem correct based on what I’ve read.

Located in Illinois (in the event rules are different).

Thanks in advance!

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You might want to read about the experiences of others; there have been several recent threads on the topic that might help you. I haven’t committed the outcomes to memory.

Others may reply with other useful suggestions. Good luck.

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Yes, I’ve already been through those threads. I was hoping someone in Illinois had done a lease buyout, but they all look to be in different States; that’s why I specified Illinois.

You know that you can do a buyout remotely over the phone / internet right? You don’t have to bring the car in. (Those listings have dealers willing to do it)

Interesting post. I’m also trying to buyout my Rogue lease. Nissan told me today that in IL, I have to go through the dealership to get financing but can refinance it once we have secured financing through them. It sounds fishy to me and just another way for them to be deceitful. I’m so done with Nissan. I’d dump the car but the “equity” in it will make for a nice down payment on another brand. I have a feeling they are going to find me horrible financing so that I will surrender the car so they can take the $10k equity.

I was told by another Nissan dealer I could go to them to do the paperwork to do the buyout. But maybe that was a ploy to try to get me to buy a new car from them. Fat chance! Totally turned off by Nissan even though the car is ok.

Instead of paying TTL and dealer fees to buy it out and then resell it, find a dealer who can buy it directly from NMAC, and cut you a check for the equity.

Nissan & Infiniti dealers
LH brokers who deal in Nissan/Infiniti.

Hackers, anyone in Ohio know if Nissan lets you buy a lease from a bank/CU or are you also stuck with the dealer assist option?

Checking for my sister who has a Murano coming off lease in June (under contract miles at ~21K).

I don’t know the answer, but I just bought out my lease from a different brand.

Once I logged into my lease account, the payoff instructions were clear.

If You have a CU lease You need to call the lessor. Nissan dealer has nothing to do with Your buyout.

I don’t know your states laws or Nissan’s requirements in that state, but New York was a dealer only option for nissan/infiniti leases up until recently. With all the dealers trying to add thousands of bogus buy out fees and customers flipping out, infiniti is now offering a buy out directly through Infiniti financial. I’d simply call and ask.

That’s not a Nissan Auto rule, that’s a Nissan Finanical rule.

What bank is her Nissan financed at.

Financed with NMAC

Have her login to her portal and see the buyout options.

If bank transfer is there, then she’s set. If not…well time to start calling dealers to see their fees OR sell to a dealer.

Will definitely have her check the portal

Looks like the only Autonation dealers are in Northeast Ohio so that won’t work.

We need a wiki thread with a list of “friendly” lease buyout dealers by region

I will get her VIN and run a few equity checks with some brokers. Not sure if Rodo buys vehichles yet in Ohio but will try that too.

You never know…the big dealers have caught onto the loophole and may be able to exploit it. Someone here sold their Nissan to a Land Rover dealer and there isn’t a AN Nissan dealer within 300 miles if it.