Nissan Leaf Prices all over the place

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Hey guys, first time poster, long time watcher.

I’m on the search for a Leaf to pick up this month, I’ve contacted dealers in Michigan where I live but there aren’t many in inventory. The ones they do have are SL Plus which are pricing too high. So I’ve talked to a few dealers in Ohio willing to lease to Michigan resident.

I’m getting pricing between $300 and $450 for similarly equipped vehicles.

I’m curios what is going on here, I currently have a GMC and VW lease but never seen such wild price differences.

Also curious how people are getting these Leaf 2020’s for $150 per month with sign and drive (zero DAS)?

I’m pricing 3 year 36k miles all dealers priced with the starts due, about $750.

Would love some input. Thanks!

I’d love to get one all done for $235 a month.

Have you read Leasing 101?

Did you get the residual/mf/incentives from Edmunds?

Did you get lease worksheets and compare the numbers you have to what you were given?

Are you comparing deals in states with incentives you aren’t eligible for?

There is a lot of numbers missing here to help you.


Don’t all Michigan residents qualify for vpp or did that go away? I would think anyone with a 2020 would want it gone. How many Michigan dealers have you talked to? As stated you need to nail down all the incentives/MF/residual

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Thanks for the reply. Yes I was definitely expecting better pricing on the 2020’s based on what I’ve seen from past posts but understand that all changes monthly.

I realize I need to do some more research to find out what they’re doing with the pricing but seems as though since they’re all high, the $150 cars aren’t there anymore.

You should always try to know exactly what it takes to get to your target price before you ever even consider talking to a dealer. Do the homework first and set yourself up for success.

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Here’s what I got today. This doesn’t math out in the Lease calculator. How can they charge fees they’re not showing?

MSRP: 38,410
Sale Price: 24,735 after rebates and dealer discount.
Fees: 275
Money Factor: .00003 (Free money)
Sales Tax: $16.26 (6%)

36/12 Residual: 39% - Pmt with $500 down: $363
36/10 Residual: 42% - Pmt with $500 down: $340

These breakdowns usually show the fees that are variable, but stuff like acquisition fee rarely shows up on them. They’d consider it part of the cost of the bank doing the lease and is out of their control.

You’re just blindly getting quotes. Take a step back and figure out what the vehicle should cost before wasting everyone’s time.

That isn’t a lease contract, they can show or not show whatever they want on it.


You should always try to know exactly what it takes to get to your target price before you ever even consider talking to a dealer. Do the homework first and set yourself up for success.

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Done Deal!

Here’s what I ended up with. Definitely didn’t get the best deal, it still seems a bit off to me in the calculator but whatever, the cars in the driveway now.

Thanks for the help.

MSRP: 37,980
Sale Price after rebates/discount: 23,305
DAS: $1,262
Payment: $314 per month

Residual was 39% - 36/12
Money factor was .00003 from Nissan but they charged me more than this.

Why are you thanking people for their help if you just ignored everything they said and went along with a sub par deal without doing anything they suggested?

You should be apologizing to them for wasting their time trying to help you.


Yeah basically the people that commented were useless.

I took the suggestion of doing my research and when I expressed the fact that I had an issue with the math and provided examples, no one offered any other insight, except get more prepared.

The comments were only useless because you didn’t hear what anyone was actually saying.


Your effort to educate yourself and get a deal really showed in the outcome. Enjoy your Leaf, the dealership sure enjoyed leasing it to you.


Well since I wasted the poor dealers time having them work up my lease numbers, I figured I owed it to them to make sure they had a good deal. It is just before Christmas after all.

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I like this mindset of ensuring Xmas bonus 11 months ahead of time :rofl:


May I interest you in a Honda Accord Hybrid?


Just sitting here thinking for that payment could have had a LT1.