Nissan Leaf Lease Deals: Residual and MF

What is the current residuals and MF for the 2015 and 2016 Nissan Leaf S models? I am looking for a 24 month/12K month lease.

2016 LEAF S
24/12K: 35% residual, .00003 MF
$10,000 lease cash

2015 LEAF S
24/12K: 35% residual, .00003 MF
$10,325 lease cash + $500 Selldown Bonus Cash

May as well go for 36 months, which has a residual of 31%. Targeted incentives are $1,000 Grad or Military.

I am looking to get a Tesla 3 or Elio when they become available. I think an extra year will really hold me back. I can get VPP which significantly reduces money down for Nissans.

Thanks for the fast response!

I am new to leasing. But i was interested in understand how the Nissan leaf leasing would work (cost wise) based on the number that you posted. I was trying to use the calculator with some numbers from the dealer:
24/12K: 35% residual, .00003MF
$10,000 lease rebates (dont know if that is the same as lease cash)
$2500 down