Nissan Leaf in NY state

Hello, I am in NY state and was able to negotiate a Nissan Leaf SV+ at MSRP minus the $2000 point of sale electric car discount.

I was planning on buying the car outright to get the $7500 federal tax credit as well.

However, I am now seeing some good lease numbers. Can anyone confirm my math is right?

Residual is 86% on 18 months/10k miles.
Lease cash: $2100
MF: 0.00022

I assume Nissan doesn’t pass on the $7,500 (or they’d owe me money)

Calculator link

Almost bought a Leaf 2 years ago when lease was good. I have been looking again recently and find nothing close to your calculations. Where did you get your numbers? New York only?

I got the residual, MF, and lease cash from the edmunds forum. I’m not certain of the numbers yet, was looking for confirmation from everyone here before I go back to the dealership this morning.

The dealer confirmed sale at MSRP minus the $2k point of sale rebate yesterday.

I don’t recommend buying it - at all. Leaf batteries die quickly and historically - value drops like a rock.

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this is true. especially true w the 40 kwh batteries. this is a car that should be used for a very brief period of time and then sold.

Them giving you an inflated residual and the $2100 lease cash is their version of passing the $7500.

For anyone interested, the $2000 NY rebate doesn’t apply to leases shorter than 36 months.

The result is $2500 down and $144 a month

Calculator link

All of the above is confirmed at dealership. I agree it’s not a good buy because of battery tech, but it’s a pretty good lease I think.

this is correct. has to be a 36 month lease in ny.

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For the money you cannot beat it. If you have access to a charging port at home then go for it. I have the Etron and I only charge at EA stations as I live in a condo and if I had to charge at Chademo station it would drive me nuts. From my own experince CCS ports are widely available.

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Check marketplace with Nissan LEAF offers.

One other resource for those looking for EV inventory: