Nissan Leaf 2018 --- Help


Im new to this forum … and to leasing.

Im in the market to lease a Nissan Leaf SL trim 2018. Im not sure how or what to ask, so I will post the information that I have on the deal and please help me out with what to ask and negotiate. Thank you in advance.

Market Value Selling Price $38245
Discount $2500
Rebate $7900
Adjusted Price $27845
NItrogen/Tires $99
Door Edge Guards $199
Total Purchase $28143

Dealer admin charge $699
Tax $748.52
Non Tax Fees $601.50
Net Price $30192.02

Balance $30192.02

Other info:

Lease term 36 months
Cash down $552 (1st payment)
Payment $552
Annual Mileage 12000
Money Factor .00036
Residual Value $12620.85

I live in Kansas City, KS 66212

Thats all the info that I have… thanks.

More info… the main reason that I decided to lease is to have a new car with a low payment for a few years… then decide if I would like to keep it or not… but so far all the payments have been really high… so not sure what to do.

Also, if I lease I can take advantage of the $7500 tax credit (EV), that I will not be able to get if I purchase… I have a lot of tax deductions at this time.

Also… sorry for all the info… I think the best option is to lease an EV… not purchase it, since these type of cars have a lot of improvements, range extension and more every year.

That as all for now.

I feel like an f150 is in your future. Though nitro for the tires will be 200 as the tires are twice as big! Yes you will get all rebates and credits!

Try to plug-in your number into the calculator…

I don’t think its a good deal

Funny, I already have an F150 (2004) and a Honda Odyssey (2009).

Im trying to use the calculator… but still getting use to the terms of a lease. How to I convert the residual value that I have $12620.85 to a %? Dealer gave me this number.

so far… no luck with the calculator… not sure where each number that I have will go in the calculator field…

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That mus be a horrible residual why don’t you look into the BMW I3 they are lease for a lot less.


20 characters…

Thats what I thought… thanks.

More info… not sure if it helps.

I might test drive one tomorrow… and see what deals they have now, thanks.

RV 33%? wow. That stinks.

What would you say is a good RV for a leaf?

Doesn’t matter what we think is a good RV. It is set by the bank and can’t be negotiated.

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ok… good to know. Looking at my numbers… are they are offering full MSRP price for it? or are they considering the $2500 as a discount from the price? The offer also includes a lot of junks fees… like (nitrogen tires, door guards, splash guards, mats, kick plates…) Should I start negotiating by asking all these to be free of charge?

I read that the sale price should be 10% or more of the MSRP, correct?

Wait. The 2018 Leaf is brand new and this often means horrible lease deals. A year from now, things will probably be better. If you have to lease now, consider another car. That’s my advice.


thanks… so far the only EV that we liked is the Leaf 2018 SL, test drove the BMW i3 today… did not like the interior and payment was about the same… and a higher RV (63%).

Ill keep looking… no rush… I have two other cars to drive around.

Use a little algebra…MSRP x Res % = Res$


correct… the dealer offered a $602 payment for 36 months, 12K miles, and a 63% RV at the end… no way… bad deal. a MSRP of $55695. RV 58% $32303… not 63%.

So far all payments for the leaf an i3 have been around $500 to $600, the main reason I want a lease a very low payment for 36 months… than if I like the car buy it or trade it… with this type of payment… I will be committing to buy it from the beginning so I don’t throw away 20K+

The MF is .00192

Here are the numbers on the i3 deal… any advise will be helpful.

i3 BMW

What state are you in? I was able to snag a 2017 BMW i3 Rex with almost the exact same MSRP for less than $500 with only $1k down plus a neg $1k tradein (so a wash) right when they first came out (Nov 2016). And VA charges tax on the vehicle’s full value. I’m guessing deals with all the incentives to clear out 2017 stock are at least $100/mo less.