Nissan Frontier MSD's in NY and $500 First Time Owners Program

Hello all:

I am looking to do a one-pay lease deal on a new Frontier Pro 4x similar to the deals I have recently seen on these forums. I have a couple of questions after starting my search with a dealer or two:

  1. Having read other posts, I was under the impression that I could use MSD’s as a New York resident as long as the deal was done out of state. I tried to convince a PA dealer of this, and he came back to me with information that he says is from a Nissan Dealer Bulletin dated 1/5/23 that says “For leases either originated by a New York dealer or executed for a lessee or co-lessee who is a New York resident, NMAC will not buy the lease if the total of all security deposits exceeds $749.00.” Any thoughts on this?

  2. Many dealerships show on their advertised online price a “January Enterprise CRM - First Time Nissan Owners Program.” The dealers I have talked to say that I do not qualify for this. Has anyone been able to qualify for this and does anyone know what is required to qualify as my dealer seems unsure?

Thanks for your help as I try to sort this out. I am relatively new to leasing vehicles and am just trying to get a fair deal.


if that’s what the bulletin says, what thoughts do there need to be?

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You know better than just about anyone, but my recollection is that NMAC and IFS are on the short list of captives that never allowed this?

Your impression was incorrect. NMAC won’t accept it.

If it was before 1/5/23 you might be able to…but as it is after 1/5/23 you are out of luck.