Nissan Dealer Assisted Buyout

Greetings all. Our 2018 Pathfinder SL lease is up. Doesnt appear that leasing a similarly equipped SUV is in the books at this time, since the market has gone mad. So we’ve decided to buy the car out. NMAC is now telling me that I can only buy it out through one of their dealers. The dealer we got the car from originally wants $1500 as their fee with an additional $300 going to NMAC, thats on top of title and doc fees as well as taxes. Does this sounds right? If so, this is beyond ridiculous. Are these fees negotiable and is it worth reaching out to several other dealers? Thanks in advance

Yes it’s ridiculous - ask them where in the contract that number is specified,

Also - call multiple dealers - you don’t just have to go to one - you can pick any one.

Yes, Nissan is being a pain in the rear about it.


The universe is telling you not to buy out your used Pathfinder.


Thanks all. I’ll make some calls but this is making me rethink this whole thing. I’ll dust off the good ol’ bike and turn the car in before i agree to pay $2K in fees, so that everyone literally gets their cut. F Nissan!

yeah- tell them to pound sand. I’d read my contract carefully at turn as well. I’ve them play all kinds of games and “things changed”. well, no they haven’t, it’s in writing along with the clause anything we said verbally is null and void if not in the contract. Have you tired calling or contact Vroom or Carvana - just to see what they say?

Also, GM is playing a similar game right now too. You can’t even get a payout from GM unless you go to the dealer.

Yeah, carvana and others won’t even talk to you now - “we can’t buy out Nissans” is the standard response.

Was yours a Nissan contract? The ones that have been posted here lately do actually list these fees (not amount, but that they’re included).

I just read through my Nissan contract, and in section “14. Purchase Option” it specifies a $300 purchase option fee, and also has some stuff about other fees that I think is just title, taxes, and all that. I’m not seeing where they can claim any other fees beyond that.

“14. Purchase Option
You have the option to purchase this Vehicle “AS IS” from the originating dealer, or other
location we specify, in cash for the Purchase Option Price, plus any official fees and taxes,
vehicle inspection costs required in connection with the purchase, and a Purchase Option Fee
of $300, which fees, taxes and costs are not included in the Purchase Option Price agreed to
in Section 6. If you purchase the Vehicle at the end of the lease term, the Purchase Option
Price will be the Residual Value shown in Section 5.d). If you purchase the Vehicle before the
end of the lease term, the Purchase Option Price will be the Adjusted Lease Balance disclosed
in Section 13). In either case, you must also pay other amounts due under this Lease at the
time of purchase.”

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Right there


I am literally in the same boat. My Nissan Murano lease ends next month and the buyout is $18.9k. I was excited that I could work with the bank/NMAC to complete my buyout but now I HAVE to go through a dealer. I’ve spoken to 2 dealers and they’ve quoted me $20.1K - completely unacceptable. Where are these additional fees coming from?!?

Also, if I am buying out my lease and they’re advertising “You do not have a disposition fee if you are purchasing your leased vehicle”, then why are they dealers tacking it on? Does anyone know the mandatory fees I must pay for my lease buyout.

Your lease contract specifies the fees that are due when you do a buy out through the originating dealer or a place of the bank’s instructions. If you go to a different dealer than one of those, you’re opening a can of worms.

Start by reading the contract to sort out what you’re required to pay, then go to the originating dealer or call the bank and ask them where they would like you to go to facilitate the purchase in line with the terms of your contract.


My dealer told me that it’s just the $300 purchase option fee, then tax and tags. They’re not going to charge anything beyond that if I decide to buy it. The place they might get me is interest. I can get 2.79% from USAA, but I don’t know if Nissan would make me finance through them.

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What if the original dealer is the one upcharging me? Thats what prompted me to fish around

I would ask them for a breakdown of the fees and if it doesn’t match what is on the contract, tell them you would like to buy it out in line with the terms of your contract. If they won’t do so, you can either call the bank and ask them where you can go to do so or call an attorney to initiate a lawsuit.

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Don’t. When the used car market bubble pops, one of the hardest hit will be Nissan products IMO.


Do you have a breakdown of that $20.1k total? That sounds slightly low if your tax rate is around 6%, plus doc and purchase option fees.

Some of us are in a very shitty place right now and don’t have a lot of options. The buyout on my 2018 Pathfinder is $19,700. If I go on Autotrader right now, $20,000 in my local area (searching in about a 100 mile radius) will probably get me nothing better than a 2014-2015 with at least 80,000 miles or more.

A new Pathfinder is one of the cheaper lease options I found, and that’s still over $100/mo more than I’m paying now. Every other 3 row SUV or minivan I’ve looked into is way out of my budget. Any that I can afford, really shouldn’t call that thing in back a 3rd row because no human can fit into it.

I’m thinking that at least I know how my car has been treated since it drove off the lot. If it’s worthless later on when, or if, the market ever gets back to “normal” than I’ll deal with it when it happens.


Plug your VIN in Carvana, Vroom and Carmax to get easy quotes - just to have the datapoints. Check no loan or loan (don’t check lease).

Also check KBB my car values with your zip code and exact trim, options and mileage - look at the good and very good categories

Then you will have a good triangulation of what your car is worth in the used car market right now for reference in your end of lease buyout decision.