Nissan altima .. good deal or no

im looking to leasdt a nissan altima SR or SL depending on price, 15k miles
my trade in : mercury grand marquis 2004 good condition 104k miles. i know i can get $3500 on the street. just need to fix minor vacuum issue w/ a/c

what im seeking:
no more than $1400 down

what i was offered
trade in vehicle ($3000)

SL - fully loaded
$2000 down (or trade in)

thoughts? can i do better?

Cant you get a Maxima closer to 350 than pay 300 for an altima?

i can… i want an altima in the 200 range is my ultimate goal with 15k miles

Doesn’t look like a good deal at all. I don’t think the Altima is a good car to lease. If you want an Altima just buy it. I have a 2009 Altima hybrid and got an huge 30 percent off deal on it. I am pretty sure the current generation has very good deals too.

We see people who routinely lease cars that are much more expensive for not much more than what you were offered. Not a good deal IMO