Nissan Altima buyout

2019 Nissan Altima SR 4 Cylinders 2.5L FI
Should I buyout my lease? I just want to know if great, good or fair deal (or bad)
Leased in 2019. As of Sept 1st I will have paid $8,6004.04 tax included.
Buyout by Sept 1st is $16,698
Aprx 26k miles on it.
Original deal was 285 month all in with 15k/year x 36 mo. Lease ends in April
My daughter left it here to attend college in NYC. I drive a 2000 Lexus with 140k miles on it. My husband says buy the lease as the industry is bad right now.

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1st go to Carmax , Carvana , etc and see how much the car is worth.
(Note: It’s online and takes like 15 minutes)

If the car is worth over 19k (Yes 19k)
then buy it out.
Decide if you want to keep or sell to Carmax at that point.
Make money or keep car?

If the car is worth less than 19k
Decide if you need this car to replace the Lexus. Lexus with 140k is nothing, a good Lexus will go way over 200k.
Selling the car less than 19k might mean you would lose money so the profit angle is bad.
Why 19k? Because taxes and the hassle of getting a loan and waiting for paperwork has to be worth it. (So the 19k can be fudged around but 19k is a definite profit area)

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Do not buy it. After all taxes and fees you’re probably going to be ~$20k into a used Altima. Hard pass.

Sounds like you don’t even need it as you have your own car and this was your daughter’s HS car before going to college.


Get quotes from all online car buyers. After that get a quote from Sell My Car | Sell or Trade Your Car Online | AutoNation

Compare them and if AN is close enough sell and enjoy the profit. (If there is any profit)

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Update Car Max offered me $21,600.

That isn’t really helpful considering you can’t sell it to them without buying it out and paying tax and tags first.

It’s not awful though. OP’s in FL. Figure it’s a couple week wait for title. Might be worth it. He’ll be into the car for around 18k with tax.

Don’t forget the $995 pre-delivery charge and the $795 inspection fee and the $399 fee for charging all the other fees…

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I had a friend with an expiring lease recently. They could buy it out, flip to Carmax and make 3000+

Didn’t think it was worth it for the hassle.

Yet they clip coupons.

Go figure!

Well some people think it’s illegal or shady to sell a rented car. Which it IS!

Industry is bad but only for people who need a car.

Seems like you don’t need one.

Lexus with 140k miles is like a person in their 40s with life expectancy of 70.

Don’t go from a reliable Lexus to a money pit Nissan.

Save the 20k, use it to buy something when market cools down.

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It’s online, so I can only assume you’re joking…

Yep. We need a dedicated thread with reasonable Florida dealers (assuming any exist) for buying out leases. Also which captives make you go through a Florida dealer.

Talk about a double kick in the nutsack down here in Florida to get charged TWICE for the same car on $700-1000 dealer/document fees and also $200-400 electronic filing fees (this is the latest dealer BS fee that keeps going up down here often in the $300-400 range). Now they’ve found the latest creation in a lease inspection fee - for your own car.

A lease is a rental car. Can you imagine renting a car from Enterprise Rent A Car, taking that car to Carmax and selling it? Read your contract, do you see the part where it says ‘RENT CHARGE’?

There’s a loophole that is being exploited and expedited that the lessee can buy the car. Then the new owner can sell the car and pockets the difference. The ‘expedite’ part is the lessee doesn’t buy the car, he sells the car to the 3rd party and pockets the difference including what was supposed to be paid as sales tax. The OEMs were allowing this loophole.

So basically lessees are renting cars, selling them, and expecting the OEM’s to not notice or care, which they do now…greatly.

This was never a loophole, nor was it ever illegal. It was the bank agreeing to a third party buying out the vehicle from them and allowing you to keep the delta.

The only issue is with people not understanding that they aren’t entitled to the bank allowing this and that they can’t force it to happen if the bank isn’t a willing participant.


I look at a lease as an option contract. Not good strategy to be the main consideration whether to lease, but nevertheless a consideration with a lease contract that has some level of intrinsic value associated with that option.

If at the time of lease end, I believe the set residual price per the contract + contracted acquisition fee is reasonable and I like the car, then I have every right to exercise the signed lease contract per the terms agreed upon at signing. The Buy in 1) Buy, 2) return and pay disposition fee or 3) Exchange with same manufacturer for no disposition fee.

For example, my cheap QX60 39/15 lease from December, 2018 with NMAC. Never a chance or thought that I was going to keep at lease end. So my intrinsic value of the lease end buy consideration was essentially zero to me at time of signing.

With my Mazda 3 lease (for my teenagers) that I signed with only first payment in July, 2019 with virtually zero monthly rent charge including free GAP insurance with Chase. The buy consideration intrinsic value very much played into my lease deal and thinking, As I believed there was a decent possibility that if we liked the vehicle, that I might indeed purchase at lease end per contract to keep the car in the family. Thinking that under $12K for a 3-year old Mazda 3 with low miles, where I controlled the maintenance history, with no end of lease fees other than a $300 vehicle acq fee per contract + sales tax on contracted purchase price might very well be my best market option in July, 2022. So the buy consideration for that lease had high intrinsic value as I considered entry level vehicles at the time of contract signing.

If greedy captives are changing the contract rules midstream for leased vehicles with signed contracts because of this black swan supply/demand situation, that is unethical and greedy as they are reducing the intrinsic “Buy at lease end” value for a consumer that was defined at the time the contracted lease agreement was signed.

NMAC in Florida seems to be the worst offender, but looks like the list is growing by the month.

Any potential Nissan/Infiniti buyer in Florida should be fully aware that any lease they sign going forward will have zero or next to zero intrinsic value with the “Buy at lease end” option at end of lease. Which should factor into any buy vs. lease decision with a NMAC vehicle and could be a factor when evaluating potential deals with a vehicle from a different manufacturer/captive that seems more honorable and trustworthy.

A lease contract with a buy option defined and part of the intrinsic value from leasing is NOT the same thing as renting a car from Enterprise or Hertz.

I’m yet to see a single bank change any contract rules. Can you point to any examples of that happening?

How does Autonation compare to this offer?

This would be true of most lessors in Florida; only exceptions I’ve seen mentioned around here are BMWFS and HFS (@mllcb42 was that Honda or Hyundai?).

IFS requires the same in CA too now. Audi FS appears to be doing the same in CA now too, so seems like rules can change.