Nissan - 3rd Party Lease Buyouts Allowed Now?

Hello everyone,

Is Nissan now allowing 3rd party lease buyouts? I seem to recall this was previously not allowed. If allowed, can someone point me in the right direction of a service that is capable of buying it out?

Thanks in advance.

no theyre not.

Thanks so much for the quick reply

Nissan/Infiniti dealers
LH brokers who deal with either brand
Any conglomerate that owns Nissan/Infiniti dealers such as Autonation, Penske Automotive AKA Carshop, etc etc.

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NMAC requires customers to have a N/I dealer facilitate a lease buyout for most states.

We’ve seen at least a few cases they have eased up on this and allowed direct buyout by the lessee. Have not seen anything to suggest any chance in policy regarding 3rd party buyout and frankly I don’t expect to.

In the last 2 months people all over (3) are reporting that even though it doesn’t say it, if you call in Now, NMAC will process a buyout without a dealer. This is an undocumented change that occured shortly after the press of being sued for forcing customers to buy through a dealer and the dealer adding fees.

Call NMAC and provide a quote from your friendly, chummy, local Nissan/Infiniti delaer charging you extra fees.

They will make an “out of process” exception to buy your car direct from NMAC.