Next Mercedes C-Class will only be available w/ a 4-cylinder engine

… even in the full-blown AMG version. A damn shame. Get a current gen C43 or C63 while you can!

Travesty really.

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Wow not even a 6 cylinder. BMW execs would be very happy with this news since this would probably result in a sales uptick for 3/4 series M lineup.

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That’s fine. The 3 series is a better car anyways.

Saw that alittle while ago… the new C will be a baby S class with alittle 4 banger engine…

No V8, no party. But V8s going away was a foregone conclusion. If 4-cylinders are as fast as we’d expect 6-cylinders to be, then there’s not all that much to be missed. The AMG variant is seriously impressive, 4-popper as it is.
Hopefully less of a vacuum cleaner exhaust for US models, but upgrading the exhaust would do the job regardless.

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I am definitely buying C63S Coupe now with a V8. Non existent depriciation :slight_smile:

The new C Class is bananas. :hugs:

Even the wheelbase is longer…

4653 lbs lol

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Practically a twin motor setup.

jeez what did the old one top at 3900? crazy how fat they are getting

The idea of a hybridized 4-pot making big power just seems absurd to me.

Yeah, that’s what I noticed, too. At least a lot of it is mounted low in the chassis???

Absurd fun, or absurd stupid?

I think it’s a shame the I-6 doesn’t fit under the hood…

Absurdly stupid.

The exhaust note will sound awful. There’s no cammy rumble from a big displacement V8. What was the point of having any combustion in here at all?

Gimme the things I want in an ICEV. Give it a stick. If you can’t do that then at least make it sound good. The outgoing C43 sounded great for a 6 cylinder.

Otherwise make it all electric and give me the “mid-engined” steering response of having all the weight well between the axles.


Admittedly, I’m not a big “engine person,” but I don’t understand this weird need that the auto makes have to pipe in fake noise. Does it sounds that much better? I thought the the I4 in a colleague’s Honda Accord felt/sounded much more interesting than did my V6 in a Honda of the same generation…

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These high compression and high horsepower turbo’d 4 cyls all sound like crackling and burbling fishtanks, then again some people do like that.