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thank you so much!!! I had to wear the jordan 1 biohacks because they popped just like this car

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Nice Jordans and nice whip.


Where do I begin?

This was going to be my first time leasing a vehicle so I went to multiple dealerships and spoke to multiple brokers. After crunching the numbers none of them came close to what I can afford on my budget. Then I came to leasehackr and saw Next Level Auto Brokers and spoke to Dan Knight. I told him what I was looking for and he got back to me with the only M4 comp he had at the time, gave me the numbers and it was a done deal. He gave me the lowest numbers I could find after going through close to 10 different people. He made the transaction as seamless as possible. His responses were timely and made it felt like you were never bothering him with your questions. There’s not much more praise I can give to Dan. He’s a true professional and the transaction couldn’t be more smoother. I don’t think I’ll go through other channels ever again, he’s got a customer for life. For my own selfish reasons, I hope he’s still doing auto deals for my next 10 vehicles.


2022 M5C in Voodoo Blue on Aragon Brown

Wanted to thank Dan for pulling the impossible once again. Landed this amazing beauty at sticker during these horrible times. Reached out to Dan with a very tight time frame. Dan was always patient and super responsive (had multiple conversations via email at like 5am lol).

This is my second of hopefully many more deals through Dan. Will never look back at going through the leasing process through a dealer or on my own again!

Forgive quality of the pictures - we’ve been snowed in for last few days and have yet to take her out and get proper content.


Thank you for working with me @Yaser_Albataineh!

This is my favorite color on the M5!

Looks gorgeous and a great compliment to your X7 that we stole!

Thank you again!

I wish the transaction with Dan had gone smoother for me but it’s been a bumpy and agonizing 5 months experience and ended up canceling my order. I am sure everyone is probably looking for only positive experiences to share but I wanted to share my 1 in 1000 negative case for future reference.

This was my first time using the broker but Dan was very helpful getting the X7 order placed quickly back in September. The car arrived at the dealership in mid-October and I was all ready to schedule a pick-up. Unfortunately, the dealer inspection found a leaking coolant tank that needed a replacement. This is when things started to go into a black hole. Dan wasn’t able to get accurate status but I couldn’t blame him because both the BMW dealership and BMW corporate had no clue about this part availability. After patiently waiting another 2 months, I was able to reach out to Dan’s direct sales manager and was offered a new order for the same discount. So I reached out back to Dan and we submitted a replacement in December. The second order allocation was also quick but another unfortunate event happened by losing Penfed’s 2021 $3250 discount. This really wasn’t anyone’s fault but I was just bummed. When the car was about to arrive, Dan mentioned the dealer wasn’t able to do much about the expired Penfed but they may provide an additional $500 discount.

This is the big shocker that led me to cancel at the end. When the car arrived at the dealership at the end of January, I was ready again to schedule a pickup date but Dan broke the news that the dealership’s sales manager decided to not honor the original September pricing but only offer $2000 off which was about half of what we expected. So I was potentially looking at paying over $5000 extra to what I expected from the original order date because the sales manager decided to play this seller’s market and get greedy. Dan shared my disappointment and frustration but he wasn’t able to do much at the end. Maybe it was just this particular BMW dealership in NJ (Springfield BMW) but I just couldn’t cave in to do business with the dealership who seemed to have ignored this order delay and issue from the beginning and try to monetize this market just because they can sell this car to someone else.

In the end, I would still consider Dan in the future and even recommend him to others but hopefully with different dealerships. He seems to have great pricing relations for his volume of sales but I wish the communication could have been better. I’m sure Dan is really busy dealing with over 80 sales a month but he was the only channel for me. I’m so generous of all those who got an amazing deal from Dan but it wasn’t the case for me this time around.


Thanks, Jong.
Definitely unfortunate the first car had a coolant leak and there was not ETA on the replacement part. I’ve never seen a backorder with no ETA before, but that speaks to the parts shortage we are in I guess.

Penfed is definitely a bummer as I was planning on using it as well on 2 M3 orders I have coming in.

It’s crazy how much the market has changed from when we first ordered your car last year to where it is now. I’m extremely frustrated that they wouldn’t honor a deal from September, but I guess that’s how much the market has changed. Also, going into a new year with this definitely didn’t help.

Best of luck in the future, and I’ll do what I can to make the buying process a better experience for you!

Back in January of this year, I test drove a BMW, MB and Audi to replace my Audi A6. BMW 540 won me over. I got a couple of quotes from dealer at MSRP + $500. I went to Dan and he was able to get me a very nice discount. Over the course of many months I waited for my car and Dan was responsive to all my questions.
Finally my car arrived yesterday ! Big shout out to Dan for helping me through the process and providing great service. It was a great experience.


2023 330ix LCI in BROOKLYN GREY

I wanted to give a big shoutout to Dan for getting me a really good deal on this 2023 330ix LCI. I usually endure the leasing process on my own, but this time around I was pressed for time and dealerships were not working with me to get a deal done.

This is where Dan came in.

I came across his post and contacted him. He was able to locate a dealer and get me this beauty at 7% under MSRP during these crazy times we are in with leasing cars where dealerships aren’t really discounting anything under MSRP. I reached out to Dan with a very tight window with my lease having to be turned in within 10 days of contacting him.

Dan was super easy to communicate with. He was very responsive and after asking me what specs I was looking for, he lined up several in-stock builds for me to choose from.

He was upfront with pricing and there were no surprises.

This is my first time dealing with Dan and I was very happy with my experience with him. He provided excellent customer service and I would recommend him for your BMW needs.


2023 X5 - End of year deal.

Wanted to thank Dan for such a smooth transaction. Communication and follow up was spot on through the entire process.

Dealership was great - In and out in 15-20 minutes on my way back to CT.


This is gorgeous

I don’t usually post reviews but in this case is different. If you are thinking about purchasing or leasing a new car you cannot find a better company than Next Level Auto Brokers. Dan is extremely professional and competent in everything he did. It’s my second time using his services and I would recommend Next Level Auto to anyone.
Thanks Dan!!! Looking forward to making another deal with you.


This broker’s attitude is next level terrible.

Sent an email 8 days ago, no reply.

Sent a text the following day, no reply. I then followed up 2 days later. The first message they relied is “you need to be specific enough”. Ok reposting my specific requirements sent in email, and then 3 days later giving me a reply “no matches”

Wow, it seems like he’s the boss here.


I usually research lease numbers and negotiate with dealers. This time around I didn’t have time for that and chose to contact Next Level Auto Brokers.

Dan was great to work with. I called him, paid the fee and sent all the information required. Within an hour or so everything was done. All I had to do was go to the dealer the next day with a check, sign and pick up the car.

Very smooth transaction. It saved me the hassle of looking for a good deal. Totally worth it and recommended for anyone looking to lease a car.

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Looks amazing!

Thank you again for working with me, and congratulations on the new EQE!
@Jay2323 you were easy to work with and had everything needed to get the deal done promptly!

Thank you!

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Just wanted to thank Dan for the amazing deal on a 2024 BMW iX50! This is our first time leasing a car and we don’t have much experience negotiating with a dealer, so we took our chance with a broker. The whole process was smooth and stress free.
Starting from reaching out to Dan to picking up the car, the whole process took ~1 week.
Would definitely recommend others to give Next Level Auto Brokers a try.

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Can not thank Dan from Next Level Auto for his amazing job, enormous amount of time( including after hours and weekend) spent to close this crazy deal, always prompt to resopond and getting everything that promised done on time plus helped me get rid of my trade in.
Thank you

Thank you Dan! Got me the best price , professional , easy to reach and took care of the entire process. If you’re looking for a BMW look no further. Dan is your man!

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