🦁 NEXT LEVEL AUTO BROKERS LLC BMW Specialist [Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Florida, and Nationwide Shipping]

Email: Nextlevelautobrokers@gmail.com
Cell: 201-429-7045

Thank you to all who have worked with me, and I hope to continue to provide the best service and deals in our area! Thank you for the following my progress over the past few years from enthusiast to broker to now business owner. It’s been an amazing journey, and I’ve found my calling in life!

I eat, sleep, breathe BMW! Just ask my wife and kids!

Because of your support, I personally close over 80 deals per month using multiple dealers in the Northeast and Florida, and we ship cars everywhere in the US at this point! Insane!

I’m a bargain hunter at heart, so it’s definitely my “happy place” when I find deals for people and save them thousands of dollars in the process. This is the best job in the world!

I’m always accessible, and I try to respond promptly and accurately. Also, if I don’t think I can help you or if it makes sense to work with another broker, I’m happy to guide you to the right dealer/broker. I can vouch for the ones who helped me tremendously:


All proceeds go to funding my kids’ 529 college plans…or a McLaren 720s. :thinking:

June 2020 update: forget the 720…F8 dreaming!!


cell: 201-429-7045

:money_with_wings::money_with_wings:NEW REFERRAL PROGRAM :money_with_wings::money_with_wings:

As a thank you for all the repeat business and referrals people have sent me:

Repeat customers will receive a $50 discount on the broker fee. Referrers will also receive $50 for each sale he/she referred (unlimited).


I’m honored to kick this off. @nextlevelautobrokers and I met when we worked together on a Porsche deal and I immediately knew he was one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.

Since then, I’ve sent him a number of prospects in the tri-state area and they’ve all been beyond pleased with his prices and the experience they’ve received.

Way to go man!


Want to say @nextlevelautobrokers is very quick at getting back and a pleasure to deal with. Provided me with quick quote and explanation. Just waiting on wife to see what vehicle she is interested in. Thanks for the info!


Thanks, bud! I know people who work with you say the same! Quick, before @Ursus spoils the mood again!


Best of luck on your next venture @nextlevelautobrokers!!

I have been actively in touch with @nextlevelautobrokers since I pointed him in the right direction to get his and his buddy’s BMW i3 in February 2018. He did all his negotiations and got themselves a pretty good deal on those i3 which they both eventually flipped and made money on them.

Also he was the one who brought Leasehackr.com lot of good press by featuring my i3 deal on Bloomberg.com through his contacts.

I remember talking to him in Dec 2018 when he had just started the broker gig and said this broker thing was not worth it as it’s too much work but quickly turned it around.

Keep bringing great deals to the community and best of luck for your future.



@HN308 is the man!
Guided a newbie to the bmw promise land haha!
Your contribution to this site is amazing!

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@nextlevelautobrokers is the go to person for cars! I can vouch for Dan since we did a deal together. He’s right about not sleeping. He is very quick in responding to messages even if it’s late at night. Just let Dan know what car you are looking and he will do all the hard labor for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Dan because he is a very nice and honest person to work with.

The deal we did is a 2019 Lexus RX 350 MSRP 54xxx 36/12 $519 $2,000 DAS(First month,Taxes, DMV, Doc, Bank fee)


@nextlevelautobrokers helped me out when I was considering a 3 Series greatly and would have been happy to use his services had I gone that route. I’d highly recommend him for his professionalism, attention to detail, and communication speed.

Those of you asking saying “I don’t understand how this works; do you think this a good deal?” and “What can I get for $xxx that fits my needs” would likely be better served with a broker like @nextlevelautobrokers than trying to back your way into understanding (semi-understanding?) numbers and attempting negotiations. Understand your competencies, do a cost/benefit, and use a broker if it’s not in your wheelhouse.


I got an amazing deal from @nextlevelautobrokers on a 2018 BMW 340i xdrive Msport. Car was very well optioned (premium pack, blind spot, heated wheel, black kidneys, Apple car play, leather). The car was a 3k mile loaner with an MSRP of $60,215. With a sales price of $49,459 along with BMWs 5k lease credit, I ended up paying $2,500 down, $457 a month with 12k miles a year. I never would’ve thought I could get this much car for so little money and I can’t stop driving it. Dan was amazing with communication and constantly followed up with me. I’ll be recommending him to all my friends, family and coworkers. Thanks again Dan!


I also just got a great deal from @nextlevelautobrokers and the transaction went as smooth as it possibly could. The 399 broker fee I paid was well worth the savings in both the discount I got as well as the time I would have spent for endless hours trying to find a better deal myself. I ended up getting a new 2018 330i xdrive with about 600 miles on it thru him. It had a little over 46k msrp I paid 0 down with 0 first month as my payment EVERY penny rolled in and my second payment not due until 5/6/2019 of 422 a month for 35 months (since the first payment was rolled in). I even received free weather tech floor mats thrown in when I picked up the car which I wasn’t even expecting!! I will definitely recommend him to my friends.


Thank you, Oliver! So glad everything worked according to plan especially considering the distance you traveled!

Dan made the process flawless. Even when the dealer tried to pull a quick one he was right on my side and handled it. Got a once in a lifetime deal and couldn’t be happier. He called me multiple times during the day making sure all my questions were answered and that all the numbers made sense.

The numbers speak for themselves.
NEW 2018 BMW 330e, 52k MSRP
24 months/10k miles
$185 month w/ 3k down (1st month, fees, and NJ tax)


Sooooooo happy about this one!!

After I posted last night and said it was pending sale, my dealer called me saying that he and another salesperson received multiple calls asking if they can have it after seeing it on LH. One even offered to pay a lot more than what I had listed to do the deal…SMH.

They kept the car for @Mike5 even without a securing a deposit because of my relationship with them, and he ultimately got the car the same day as they squeezed him in on a Saturday no less!!

Congratulations, and that color with the 18s looks amazing!!


Thanks to Dan I was able to get a great deal on a new 2018 x3 30i. The whole process was flawless and quick. This is my first time leasing
and Dan made this a wonderful experience. I am
extremely happy and highly recommend Dan.

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To all you a-holes that called: this is exactly the behavior that will ruin this community and then you won’t be getting any info about any deals because both brokers and other hackers are going to keep their info on lockdown.


Dan got me a great deal to establish my BMW loyalty.

NEW 2018 BMW 340xi xdrive Premium Package Luxury Package (White on Black)
10K a yr for 24 months.
MSRP 58K and SP is 15% off.
356 p/m because I didn’t have loyalty.
2.8K (7 MSDs) + 3.3K DAS including NJ state tax.

Thanks a bunch!!


Sent an email last Friday(4/26) and yesterday(5/1). Wondering if you received them? Hoping you can help me out. TIA.

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@Brianwz !

Congratulations! I’m so glad I was wrong about that interior color and it wasn’t oyster! Enjoy the new ride, and it was a pleasure working with you!!

This storefront looks familar :rofl: