Newbie seeking advice on Range Rover Sport Lease

Folks, please bear with me. Could really benefit from and will appreciate your advice.

I have my heart set on leasing a RR Sport, fully realizing it’s not in my budget at the moment but I want to plan and save for it. My current JGC Overland lease is not due until Sept 2021, so I have time to set aside money for the down payment, taxes tags etc.

Please advise as to how much I should plan to put down on a starter or mid tier RR Sport if I want my monthly payment to be no more than $700. I understand that RR Sport leases run $1K/month and upwards, so I want to plan ahead, save and be able to mitigate these costs.

Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

@ethanrs is a SoCal JLR guy. He’s great, give him a shout if he has any inventory, he just might. JLR MF usually isn’t sky high, you won’t so spend too much doing 0, or just fees DAS.

Some prefer 0 or low $ down to prevent loosing $ if they total out the car, ymmv.

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Don’t put down thousands of dollars on the lease. Save up, make sure you can afford whatever the payment will be if you do just drive offs upfront. If something were to happen to the car, you’d be out all of the money you put down.

The advise would be not to put any money down and not to lease a RRS. If you are on a tight budget save your money for rainy days and your future business plans.

About 9k drive off

If you need to save up a large down payment because you can’t afford the monthly payments, you can’t afford it.


Thank you all for the quick replies!

Yes, I am fully aware that I am not able to afford a RR Sport TODAY. I’d like to be able to get into one by September of next year, ~ 15 months from now. The purpose of my question was to determine how I should plan ahead to ensure I can arrive at my desired monthly price point, i.e. $700 that I can comfortably afford to spend on a car.

That being said, for the folks who are saying I can either not afford it or shouldn’t consider a RR Sport lease in general:

Could you recommend some comparable alternative SUV options? Say, with minimal DP and fees only, with a max payment of $700?

Buy low mileage from Hertz for around $53k

Or a non rental from a dealership like mine for the same price :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s going to take the better part of $10k down to get you to $700. That means the vehicle is actually costing you about $1000 a month. If you can’t afford $1000/mo, then this isn’t the vehicle for you. All you’re doing is putting a bunch of money at risk.

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You’re thinking about this all wrong. You need to look at what the total lease cost would be. Whether you put 10k down or zero down it will cost you the same at the end.


Sounds like you’ll be better suited purchasing a cpo. These lease terribly and dealers don’t really play ball on discounts on new units. Another good option to look at for 700 a month is the new X5.

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A bit smaller I think, but you can also get a BMW x3m comp for under $700. A few brokers have posted deals on them.

GLS 19 loaner?

Look out for a good deal on something like X3 M40, GLC43, SQ5, Stelvio, etc when the time comes.

Thank you folks, this is all good advice. Not a fan of the X3 exterior so I’ll rule that option out.

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You have a lot of time to go… who knows what will happen in 15 months. In the meantime, maybe you can lurk on LH and once you get a feel of how the leases on the cars you’re interested in are shaping up, you’ll know which way to go. Good luck!