Newb Help with a BMW 330i Loaner Lease

Hi There,

I have been watching the forum on the sidelines for quite some time. Appreciate all of the insight into hacking leases, and am now in the market for a new car so figured it is a good time to jump in.

I have my eyes on this loaner from a local BMW dealer:

Don’t really know the first place to start with this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much.

I don’t believe you got much time trying to negotiate (the support supposedly ends on the 28th) this the right way. So maybe call/email internet manager and ask them the bottom line cash price for it, run it through calculator and see what kind of payment you get. Don’t tell them you want to lease, that should come up as an alternative after you negotiated the very bottom price on the car. If it does not work, just go straight to the dealer and see what you can negotiate in person, maybe they will realize you are serious then and deal.

With lease support ending for 2017s, in past years when did the deals on current model year service loaners start to get competitive again?

Thanks for the info, just shot them an offer through the website of $30K, will follow up tomorrow.

Just to be clear, lease support for 2017s end on the 28th, correct? That means later this week I can still try and hack something on a 2018 loaner?

Wouldn’t they be incentivized to move the 2017 loaners this week then?

That’s a great way to get them to ignore you. Even though that car has been in an accident, I think asking 37% off is unrealistic.

So you are pretty much looking for a free lease? Thats below its residual value after two years.

Agreed. If they do respond they might be directing you to the 2012-2013 CPO cars on their lot with that offer.

There are some dealers that just aren’t interested in discounting deeply because they don’t have an incentive to. Might have already hit their goals for the month.

In this case you need to figure out a realistic offer. Let’s say you want a sub $300 payment. Need to figure out how you’d get there and back calculate a reasonable offer.

So you figure out the residual for 24 months on that car (roughly $30.6k), calculate your rent charge (about $100 a month with BMW MF) then let’s say $150 a month depreciation cost. So $150x24 months = $3600. Add that to the residual, and looking at $34,200 cap cost (not including accq fee, dealer fee, etc). Add the $3k rebate and looking at an ideal dealer sale price of $37,200-ish before rebates to be a reasonable offer for an average hacker deal.

If they are listing the car for $41,xxx without the rebate included then you are probably just too far apart already to be taken seriously. If their advertised price includes the rebate then shit out of luck to even begin.

Don’t take any of my numbers as exact. It’s 3:30am and I’m in bed on my phone cause I can’t sleep. So all just tough guesstimate.

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Yes, they would. They won’t give them away though. Someone will buy it eventually

Thanks guys, like I said, complete newbie on this. And you seemed to see exactly what I am aiming for, trying to hack a sub $300 lease.

Was basing my offer on the 20-25% discount off initial price I was seeing in the forums. Guess these were off MSRP as opposed to the asking price.

Good point. My mistake.

Can only imagine you love getting these type of offers. :wink: