New unsold 2016 VW Golf TDI going for $40K

Was browsing the local VW store’s inventory and found these… gems (depending on your perspective):

2016 Touareg TDI - 46 miles - $59,888
2015 Golf TDI DSG - 78 miles - $33,888
2015 Golf SportWagen TDI Manual - 84 miles - $39,888
2015 Golf SportWagen TDI DSG - 122 miles - $35,888

It looks like they were all registered at VW’s Auburn Hills HQ and supposedly all come with the full factory warranty.

Hope they at least flushed out the fuel and replaced the tires and belts on these cars! A lot can happen to a car after not being driven for 7 years.

Would you consider one of these potential museum pieces? Or is it just another indication of the used car market going crazy.

  • I’d consider this! They don’t make 'em like they used to.
  • No, those prices are insane. I wouldn’t even consider one at MSRP.

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Knowing BaT they wouldn’t even make it onto the site unless they’re another 20 years older.

Not to mention paint, other fluids, and the engine just seizing. Cars sitting is not good for them in any way.

Fixed the years on a couple (all 2015s except Touareg).

3y/36k miles bumper to bumper / 5y/60k powertrain. The extra-long 7y/72k b2b warranty was only on 2018 and 2019 models.

TDI Manual Wagen? Definitely. At these prices, hellz no.

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I wonder what the story is behind these. Anyone contacted the dealer to find out?

I’ve definitely seen recent models on BaT, even current year models that are only barely used. That site has changed a lot from its original spirit of ‘bringing a trailer’ to pick up a vintage or project car.

I’ll give them $500 and a coupon to souper salad.

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Based on the year(s) and mileage? Post Diesel-gate corporate demos


Oh man. All I need is a BUMPER TO BUMPER warranty…as Dougy Demuro would say

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Or the balance of whatever is left?

CarFax thinks these are all “Well maintained vehicles”


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These are prob the leftovers they weren’t supposed to sell after dieselgate.

They had a stop order on all diesels during that time.

If the discount is enough, it wouldn’t deter me from buying.

That TDI MANUAL sportwagen is… interesting.

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Must be based on miles driven per service record or something, haha

I’ve always wanted a TDI Touareg. I’d buy it for half off with a long ass warranty

Not really… having owned manuals as well as diesels, I see no point combining the two.

Who wants a manual with a 4,500 RPM redline?

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There’s a reason they don’t sell them anymore!

Wife still has the hots for the Sportwagen…but I wouldn’t unleash her on the world with a stick, so DSG it’d be.

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