New Toyota Mirai Lease? $349/mo ~$3.5k drive off $5k back from CA

Wanted to see what people think of the general deal on Mirai’s right now.

$2.5k drive off + TTL (so ballpark $3.5k)
$5k back from CARB

Can we do better than the widely advertised deal?

The new leases are so popular there are now waiting lists at some Toyota dealers.

A lot have been taken by Toyota employees and their family members, who qualify for an even cheaper lease ($199/month with $849 due at signing). Here’s an excerpt from the Mirai Team Member Lease/Purchase FAQ:

Is there special pricing for Team Members and eligible Family Members?
Absolutely! The lease rate is incredibly competitive while the Team Member/eligible Family Member purchase price has a discount of $23,500 off MSRP (MSRP = $58,335). In addition, Mirai is eligible for CA white HOV carpool stickers while all Mirai owners will enjoy complimentary fuel for three years or $15,000 maximum, whichever comes first.

2016MY Mirai Lease (12k miles/yr)
2016 MY Mirai Purchase
$199 per month for 36 months21
$35,524.26 Team Member Price*
$849 due at lease signing*+

  • Excludes official fees, title, taxes, and dealer charges. +No security deposit required
    21 25For all disclaimers, please see: TOYOTA.COM/MIRAIEMPLOYEE

Additional Mirai Benefits:
Eligible for CA white HOV carpool sticker | Complimentary fuel for three years or $15,000 maximum, whichever comes first 25 | Eligible for Potential $5,000 CA Rebate20 | 3 years or 35k miles ToyotaCare28

Wow that friends and family pricing is awesome!

Wait till you look at the map for filling stations. Unless you like driving 20 mins to your nearest station and live under a constant fear of range anxiety then this car is For you.

When it comes to Mirai none of the dealers are discounting the vehicle. So the $349 plus fees is much improved from last years offer.

Last year was $3659 down $499 plus fees.

Residual for 36K miles is $37,036

Free Fuel for 3years or $15,000

Is this employees and family thing still on? I just don’t see any information about it anywhere now. Perhaps they ended that? Is there any way to do better on their “trailblazer” deal?

No longer available. You had to be TFS Member or Direct family member. Only a small portion of members received. It was on last remaining 2016 models

I’m thinking of leasing Toyota mirai,
Dealership says monthly cost of the $349 lease deal is actually $453 month, plus $2500 down.
I understand taxes and destination fee wrapped into monthly payment but additional $104 month seems high to me.
Appreciate any feedback,

It does seem a little high. Why don’t you ask to pay all the drive-off costs upfront and see how much it comes to (over the $2500 down)? Drive off costs should total maybe $2-2.3k. Divide that over the number of months in the lease term (including mf charges) and you should get your expected monthly payment.

Thx for reply Rieuk!