New to leasing - how to find a broker

Hi, I am seriously so new to understanding how leasing works and all of the terms connected to it.

When I scroll through the forums on this website I get so confused.

I do see that there is such a thing as a broker and I was thinking that this would be the best route for me to take in terms of going about leasing my new car and getting the best deal as I am so new to it.

I am just curious how it works with a broker though, do I pay them or do they work out the deal with the dealership in that deal do they carve out payment for themselves?

Also where would be a good place to find brokers - I am located in Los Angeles?

Any help on this is much appreciated, thank you for time in responding.

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Depending on what brands you’re looking at, there are also some really awesome brand-specific folks in/near LA.

Edited to add: I should clarify, those folks post their deals on forum on their respective threads and offer extremely good deals with little to no negotiating. If you have specific brands in mind, I’d be happy to direct you to those threads.

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I’ve been curious about this – how do they get paid and what’s the going rate?

Most brokers on this site get a fee for brokering paid by the end customer who wants the car. Pricing varies by broker. With a good broker the savings far exceed the fee + the convenience factor. Shopping for a car is most often a tedious and frustrating process so you can eliminate all that by using a broker. There are very good and reputable brokers on this site, most specialize in a certain geographical regions.
Anybody who is looking for a broker can ask us for recommendations or look through the broker reviews on this site.

There are some brokers who get paid by the dealership. On the surface this looks more attractive because there’s no “broker fee” however it is less transparent and a broker fee is just baked into the quote they provide you and you won’t know what it is.

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I’m looking for help from a broker in the NE/KS area.
Please DM me if you work in the area.

Look at the list…