New to leasing Honda CR-V hybrid sport. Houston Tx

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Hi guys,

I hope you guys are doing well!
I’m new to leasing. I love in Houston Texas and I’m in a process of leasing a Honda CR-V hybrid sport. Please what are your thoughts on these numbers. Is this good deal or not?

Lol this is horrible. It’s marked up. Run away from the dealer . You can get into a beautiful bmw for this price from @IAC

Also a car like a crv hybrid should be financed not leased

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Thank you for the response. From your experience what do you think will be a reasonable price. Why do you think it should be finance instead of lease. Thank you for taking your time to help me.

This would be best for explained by @max_g

Because you’d be spending over 27k over 3 years to lease a 35k car. Buy it.

Buy it and lease if there is tax credit

Don’t think MF is marked up

Perfect, thank you for the insight guys. I really appreciate it. If I were to buy it. What do you guys think will be a reasonable out the door price

MSRP + TTL would be the safest bet

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Perfect. Thank you very much :pray:t6:

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I approve of this message


Are CR-V hybrids only going for MSRP? That would actually be something of a deal, IMHO.

I think it has to go for MSRP, not that the market has died down a bit.