New to leasing and a bit of advice on a deal

Hello all I’m currently in the market for a vehicle since my current car was totaled and In the process of being declared a total loss. I’m located in north jersey and was looking into a sub $300 lease with $0 down. I took a look at the Camry and was not impressed so I was gonna go check out the new Honda Accord. After reading many topics I’ve seen amazing deals on the Acura TLX and emailed a dealer close by. I figured I’d share with you guys for advice on the deal or on how to make it a better deal. Always have had sport editions of vehicles, so preferably the A-Spec edition.

You need more information to evaluate the deal. There is a standard template that needs to be provided to make it easier for everyone.

You need all factors including MF/ RV to put into the calculator so you can correctly analyze it.