New to forum and looking for advice

Hello guys,

I was looking for a new car and was highly considering leasing. I’m a noob at this as I I’ve always financed through my credit union and have gotten what I considered good deals since they were slightly below msrp but after looking at some of the deals I was curious about leasing instead.
I was wondering if it possible to lease a leftover 2017? I know 2019 models are right around the corner but I’m sure there could be an even bigger discount on a 2017 due to that.
Two cars that I was looking at are a 2017 bmw m240 with an msrp at 52,270 and a 2017 charger hellcat with an msrp of 74,825 which I know could be heavily discounted because they are 2017s. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I’m located in Los Angeles btw

First you need to find out if a particular 2017can even be leased. I leased a Challenger from Abe in Tustin about a week ago, but don’t expect him to come out of the gate with the most screaming deal. Last month the Hellcat had a MF of 0.00011 and I think a RV of 66% for 36/10, but me rebates or incentives other than that.

An LA broker or trusted dealer would probably save you a lot of work.

BMW has discontinued lease support for 2017 models back in April. Your chance to get a ‘leftover’ 2017 car ended there. Also 2 series have terrible RFs (53% for 36m/10k), low lease credit and low loyalty, so they won’t be really good leases.

Thanks for the advice. I’m going to cross the m240 off my list and focus on Charger or Corvette which was my original plan.

Why don’t you share it with us? I guess we may learn a thing or two.

If you’re in no rush for a Corvette wait until December and target the major dealers in Michigan, Illinois, etc. People have gotten great deals fairly easily. Lots of threads here and in the Corvette forums.

@Ursus - I’m probably not Professor Delta on this one, but the Challenger comes in about 15 different models, each with potentially large variations in rebates, MFs, and RVs. Mine is a 392 Scat Pack Shaker and there was a $3,000 lease rebate, a $1,000 lease conquest rebate, a 62-63% RV for 36/10, and a 0.00160 buy rate through Chrysler. I got $4,000 off MSRP on the car, but Dodge dealers are difficult and I stuck with the guy who had the model I wanted. I don’t think I murdered the dealer on it, but I took what looked like a good deal on the model I wanted (I think the SRT 392 has the better lease from Chrysler).

I don’t try to murder dealers either - I take what I consider to be a good deal for me. But what are your numbers, even if it is not a hackr deal? MSRP, monthly? And what is it with “62-63% RV”? It’s either one or the other.

It’s neither. I was going from memory after looking at several models, all with different programs. I didn’t post it because it didn’t seem like it had been through the usual beat down. Here’s what it was last month:

$56,195 MSRP
$51,195 selling price after getting to where I wanted to be
$00,895 acquisition fee
$33,717 residual 60% for 36/10
0.00160 MF with Tier 1 (I had an issue and got a lower tier)
$01,700 DAS from me
$04,000 $3,000 lease rebate + $1,000 lease conquest rebate
$00,529 payment before tax (if I had tier 1)