New Order 2023 Bentley Bentayga - What to pay?

I’m looking to order a new Bentayga in NY.

Does anyone have any advice on what to pay in terms of MSRP? I’ve heard that base invoice is 7% below MSRP, but options have a higher markup. Is anyone seeing significant discounts on a Bentayga off MSRP for either selling price on a lease or cash purchase?

One dealer I spoke to recently said they will discount minimally off MSRP for a new order (6 month wait) but has not gotten back to me yet. The wait is not an issue because we need to lease another car in the meantime.

People actually ask for discounts on these? :eyes:

I’d probably expect them to match the sales tax at max best.


I was about to say the same.

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Have you build ready and shop it around. If anyone is dealing with these DM the OP.

Honestly, I would buy a low mileage pre owned Bentayga if possible. The depreciation on these is quite big.

There are a few out there. Miller Motorcars has a 2022 with ~8k miles for 30k off and another with ~4k miles for ~$39k off. Maybe they’ll shave a few more off.

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If I were getting a Bentayga I would be looking at pre-owned. They’re actually a decent value on the used market - its a lot of vehicle for the money.

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used is the way to go on these. they drop like a rock.


I would negotiate on a Bugatti; it doesn’t matter what it is I just know I’m not paying market price lol

Ok but how does one know what market price is?

Whatever the last guy paid and whatever the next guy might be paying. Last I checked it wasn’t a crime to negotiate so why not

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Exactly. Rolls isn’t much different. Guys looking for a “deal” often go used.