New Maserati Lease today shopping - need a review fast

I found your site! oh my you guys are awesome… Here is my question… just left the dealership and wanted to confirm a few things as there appears to be smoke and mirrors but still a good deal.

i live in texas…

88600 list price.
73500 agreed price (17% off) they only have 5 in dallas area between two dealers
795 admin fee
190.25 license fee
882.00 L & M Fee
125.00 Doc Fee
138.03 Taxes

75630.00 total Cap Cost
865.91 a month 36 months lease
10k miles a year
Residual is 44,300
MF 00048 which is actually 1.16% so it is higher that your posted 00004

th4 interesting thing here is they are not charging me the 4k in Texas state tax you should have to pay and applying some ALLY tax credits against it so the tax money i would be paying is being used for the cap reduction…

so from the 4k they want upfront it breaks down like this…

2234.49 Cap reduction
865.91 first payment
900 security deposit

it looks great but the tax things got me a bit squeemish… i am sure it is just dealership shell gaming but do i care?


Hi there and congrats first of all on making such a fine choice!

Could you expand on the ALLY tax point you made? Is that a shortcut the dealership used?

From what I understand the tax is normally payable by the lessor in Texas and just passed on to the lessee i.e. you!

yes, so what he said is because of texas and the lessor paying the tax upfront on the full value it should have been 4k plus. however Ally gives tax credits back to the dealer to use as the leases are turned in, and the new buyer of the car has to repay the tax on the sale of that vehicle, they get a credit on taxes (ally) and they give it back to the dealer to use anyway they want. so as you can see , im only paying 800 taxes and they are using the credit for a cap reduction (its like smoke and mirrors it think.

also, they uped the MF to 00048 so from 1% to 1.16 percent. but i need to know if its a good deal…?


Yes, that’s my understanding of it as well. In Texas, sales tax is paid on the net purchase price, minus any trade-in. Ally is the owner of the vehicle, and lease returns are effectively trade-ins. Ally allocates this trade credit back to the dealer, who can then use it at their discretion.

The deal looks solid. That’s a hefty discount off MSRP and more than offsets the slightly marked-up MF. When I plug in the numbers into a lease calculator, all the numbers add up. It appears the $2,234.49 cap cost reduction equates to the total sales tax amount you’ll pay after the Ally sales tax credit is applied.

  • Michael

so I have not leased a car in forever… i always buy CPo and my fiance (who i am buying the car for, is giving up her cls 550 amg for this…

so I should pull the trigger? the numbers match up?

i cant thank you guys for the information on this site… i would have never got that discount of the msrp if i did not find your site…

Only you can decide whether it’s worth paying $33K over the course of three years to drive a new Maserati! As for the deal, I would say it’s solid and certainly on par with deals you’d get here in California, which itself is a very competitive market.


If this is a decision between buying or leasing a performance car, I would lease because high-end performance cars don’t keep their value in the long run, unless it is a classic. This is my personal preference. Other people may have a different opinion on this.

I sent the dealer a message. Pick it up Tuesday. Fiancé will love it. You guys were so helpful I can’t say enough about e much I appreciate it.