New lease on 2022 BMW 530, any advise?


Just fyi you can still keep your lease past 6month past the end date. You just get charged your normal monthy amount and the miles you get are just prorated. Had 2 vehicles we did that to. Called bmwfin to see if there was a way to extend the lease and the rep told us that legally we can not keep the vehicle for 7month past lease end date but up to 6month, its ok.

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I’ll murder that price on a 530i btw.

Hit us up!


Pays to be smart with your money regardless of what other sheep (“the market”) are doing… a decently equipped 530i is a $600/m car at most and you’ll never get there under today’s BMWFS programs

1000% agree 1k+/month payments should be M550 prices. Unfortunately this market… Will post the deal i get up fetti g once completed

Now is not the time to lease a bmw. Try another swapalease for short duration.

I think nobody should pay $1k a month for M550.

How much should somebody pay for a M550?

I mean before plague times, one could be had for under $700/mo.

I don’t think so…

I think I’ve seen one or two unicorn m550s. Not many though

I thought about building one early 2020, they went as much as 12% off but that was the pre-LCI model. payment was above $850, with MSDs for a $83k car.

I think anyone looking for a M550, depending on spec, $1k payment is likely cheaper than some ad’s you’ll find in classified for $83k build.

Perhaps pre-tax on a pre-LCI base-ish damage disclosure demo unit with every possible stackable rebate thrown in and you paying tees and fees up front.

That’s not just a needle in a haystack, but a golden needle in a haystack.

Well, it was definitely a Pre LCI, none of the Post LCI have ever leased well from what I remember.

It was between July 2019 and April 2020 when they were that cheap (not that whole time, just a few months in that time period), there were brokers here advertising $6xx payments on them. I saw one with a payment under $600. Yes, those were pre tax + MSD.

In 2019, reasonable slaes price on a m550 would bring the lease to a monthly $900-1200?? Correct me if im wrong pls

Today in 2022 a 67k msrp 530 is quites at over 1k… smh

Not even interested in a short term lease takeover. Going to just wait til next year or 2024 to replace it, if at all.

You should run from the deal presented to you. Look In classifieds. I think that should be everyone’s first step to save themselves some time

That’s quite accurate - I had a pre-LCI brand new 2020 M550i from SoCal. Ordered in March 2020, factories shutdown, and searched/dealer traded for a replacement in May when my order was cancelled by BMW.

$83k MSRP, $3k DAS, MSD’s, and stacked every possible incentive (lease; loyalty; OL; USAA - somehow made it work; lease-to-lease I think it was called) except BMWCCA.
$693/mth + tax. Definitely not replicable anymore.

Stalked it for months… there were a couple of unicorns cheaper, and most brokers were in the low $700s, all else bring equal.

Absolute best case scenario (discount wise) for someone looking to just do first at signing or sign and drive and often only having loyalty or fleet was 900’s (before tax) still.

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I should have added that my numbers do include the assumption of Loyalty. But I definitely remember a lot of people on here picking them up with sub $700 payments with $3k DAS + MSD. More than just 1 or 2. Hell, when I got my 540, there were brokers that could get a base 540 in the low to mid 400’s with $3k DAS + MSD. Again, assuming loyalty.

As per my car, not really interested in any BMW’s at this point (maybe an M340, but no way am I willing to pay over $500/mo for one) - TBH, I only really liked them because of how stupid cheap they were. If I have to pay sticker or close to sticker, I would rather have a Benz TBH. I enjoyed the loaded C300 more than the loaded 540…Can’t explain why, I just did. It drove nicer strangely enough and felt more special. That being said, it was also a bit more money than the 540, but still.

I have a bunch of cars on order, so probably going to step away from the luxury brands until this insane pricing thing is figured out. I would rather rock my cheap beaters than pay $900-1000 for the 540. I’ll probably extend my lease for a bit depending on when my Maverick and Bronco get delivered.

Was going through brokers’ deals during the good times and came across this without any context.

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