New Jersey Lease

Hi All,

Is this achievable in New Jersey?

2016 Cruze Limited 1LT
MSRP: $21,070
Selling Price: $19,500
Incentives: $3,455 lease cash + $500 Farm Bureau + $1,500 Competitive Lease cash
Residual: 62%
MF: .00095 ($0 acquisition fee)

Result: $67/month + tax, $0 down + drive-offs


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It might be, but most New Jersey dealers suck. The only decent Chevy dealer in Jersey is Princeton Chevy and I don’t think they have any Cruze Limiteds left. All of the dealers in Ocean and Monmouth counties were horrible when we leased our Equinox

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Thanks BoardWalkNJ. If not Cruze Limited 1LT,…which one you would suggest to keep it below $100 monthly sign & drive.

How much was the equinox promotion you received?

I’m honestly not sure it is possible at this point. You might be able to get a good deal on the 2016 Hyundai Elantra, but I don’t know. We got our Equinox for $240 a month with $1400 due at signing (motor vehicle fees, taxes, dealer doc fee) and are very happy with that considering the MSRP was like $33,600

Thanks BoardWalkNJ, appreciate the information.

I’m in Monmouth County NJ and your post made me LOL - because its very true! They are not really open to much negotiation around here. Its too bad, I’ll make the drive to Princeton if need be…

Checked with them,…they no longer have any Cruze Limited 1 LT.

MacGee, didn’t knew New Jersey dealers in general aren’t open to negotiation. May be its a good idea to drive to a Pennsylvania or Delaware dealer?