New Jersey EV rebates this time of year?

Hey all!

2 months left on my 2020 Nissan Leaf lease. Trying to decide if I should get another Leaf now (SL plus $395/month 0 down) or wait until after the 1st hoping for another NJ Clean Energy rebate? Anyone hear anything about 2022 EV incentives?

There’s nothing on Jan 1st for NJ incentives. If they come back it will be in the state’s next fiscal year beginning in July 2022.

That lease deal sounds meh at best. What else have you looked at for leasing or buying?

i like electric but trying to keep it under $350 a month so i think leaf is my only choice?

the ‘trade-in’ on my current leaf lease is $3000 which gets the deal to $0 down $360/month for 24 months, still lukewarm?

Considering the leaf as a deal was $199 with 0 I believe, that isn’t even warm, it’s frozen.

it used to be $37/month, too, but not in this market.

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SL PLUS? I dont think that ever went that low?

$199 for SL+ Maybe not but it’s probably close.

Currently Nissan is only giving $2600 off, they used to give a LOT more.
Though it’s probably the only EV that has a 74% residual.

For $395 / month you might want to look at the Kia Niro EV Premium.

It never was, IDK why you keep perpetuating that myth. That required ~$1,800 DAS with VPP IIRC and $600 more without VPP which most people don’t qualify for.


ok so it was sub 100 all in?

I actually clicked your calculator link at the time and IIRC it was more like $150+ effective… maybe the DAS amounts were a bit higher than I’m recollecting and a 24m lease.

Yeah it was a lot lower than it is now but that’s not the point. The point is it was never $37/month, not even close.

@dansudit how much is your Leaf???

It came out to $102/$102 DAS with VPP on an SV.

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Since first post has not changed, this must still be available: 2021 Hyundai Kona EV Limited - $344/mth with just $344 and DMV due at signing. 36/10K - NJ

Looks like the Limiteds are all gone, however I have gotten a final drop of Kona EV Ultimates for 2021!

These have the full adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist. Sure, these aren’t a $92/mo all-in Ioniq (or $102/mo all-in Leaf w/loyalty, credit where credit is due to Mike), but these Konas are more competitive with other premium SUVs with “self driving” features and 250+ mile range. Still a great deal in the current market.

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