New Honda Passport Reveal today


Any ideas what this car looks like?


Does Isuzu have another car that Honda can rebadge and sell as the Passport?

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I dont think its an Isuzu - The car is based on the MDX platform


Just saw it. YouTube feed is live



Better images at this link…IDK how I feel about this one…


Not sold on the looks, but bringing back the Passport makes since with the US obsession with SUVs. Honda needed one that could split the difference between the CR-V and the Pilot, and it looks like this will do just fine.


I don’t follow Honda that closely…is this rig really getting a V7 engine, or was that a typo in the article?

Edit…,never mind. Looks like the author fixed it. Didn’t realize I only sent a link with pics earlier. Here’s the Article that accompanies…


A Pilot with a smaller rear overhang and more off-roady plastic cladding. I see you, Honda.

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Seems like it would be perfect for my mom who loved her first gen Pilot (but now thinks the new one is too big and no longer needs a 3rd row). A bit of a shame it doesn’t come with the 2.0T engine because a V6 is overkill for this application unless you’re towing. The D pillar and cargo area glass looks atrocious though. I’ll steer her towards another Equinox or an RDX instead (thankfully she has 2 years to go)


awww I can’t help but feel this is a missed opportunity. It literally looks like a shrunken Pilot with ALL the black plastic added. Booooo. They coulda done something fun with this one but I guess why bother, the market will buy any old crap that’s slightly raised (hello HR-V) so they can afford to just phone it in.

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Wouldn’t this have been a great opportunity to roll something out along the lines of a Toyota FJ that could have some possible off road chops, and maybe change a few minds of people looking for something bigger and Jeep-ish that’s not a pickup? It’s just a smaller Pilot, which the CR-V basically already does.


Its kinda ugly – seems to be a Subaru Forester competitor


Essentially a short Pilot minus 3rd row and an inch more of ground clearance. It still has that taller mini-van look to it, much like the Pilot - the reason that my wife wanted an MDX instead of a Pilot although they are pretty much the same. Who knows though. If they offer locking differentials and other offroad packages, it could compete against the 4Runner which doesn’t currently seem to have any competitors.


Just read and saw some of the reviews for this. I missed earlier that it was keeping the V6 from the Pilot. 280HP is pretty good for the class. I find most of the faux-crossover types (CX5, CRV, XC60, etc etc) are all a bit underpowered and you’ve gotta step up into crazy money for SQ5s and X3 M40’s for anything even approaching decent power so it’s kinda refreshing Honda is sticking with the V6.