New here, need recommendations for best deals

I have been car shopping all week and have priced a few leases as well as used cars. I want something 200 dollars a month or less for at least 12k miles. So here are the lease deals I have been offered so far.

Honda Civic hatchback sport 232 12k or 244 15k with 1232 down 36 months
Subaru Forester 239 12k 249 15k 1000 down for 42 months (really not interested in this car)
Toyota Corolla SE they didn’t give exact price but said low 200 range with 1000 down (but I don’t feel comfortable in this car seat doesn’t go as far back or set as low as Civic)

I really want something sporty feeling and good looking, nothing with hubcaps. Although I would consider something else if was a lot cheaper. I saw a post about the Cruze being super cheap but I don’t lease now so can’t get the money off.

What’s the best deals out right now

Also forgot to mention Hyundai Veloster turbo was like 240 with I think 1000 down not sure on details as at the time I thought this was too high. But after looking seems on par.

I really want the Honda but I don’t really wanna come off that cash up front most of the cars I looked at were 36 month leases

Mini cooper S? They can be had for well under 200 on a 12 or 24 month lease

I’m not sure about the mini never been in one and I don’t think we have any dealerships here closest one prob Columbus, I will see check them out thanks tho

I would think the EX or EX-T sedan would be cheaper to lease than the hatchback

@Orangeman96 got a well equipped Sentra for 199 with minimal $ upfront IIRC

Yes, all upfront rolled in a 2017 Sentra SL heated seats. nav. mats. guards. 199 month 36mos 12k miles. 199 due at signing. New Jersey. I can provide actual #s if you want them.


@Tcarson84 where are you located, what’s your tax rate, and how competitive is your local market (i.e. are there a lot of dealers of the same brand within a reasonable driving distance and do they compete with each other?)

Hey I am in charleston wv, we have a lot of dealerships but none of them seem to wanna deal much at all, I’m thinking of just buying a used Kia Optima it’s a 15 with 33k miles and it’s 13300, I really liked the car when I drove it and my credit union can get my payments where I want, but not sure about keeping a car for so long. The Nissan place was kinda ridiculous on prices but that was next town over might go try the one here. If I want to shell out a down payment I can get an optima for around 200 a month. Down payment was like 1600

Tax rate is 5%

Okay everybody I got the new car I wanted it was my favorite one I drove. Not sure about if got a good deal or not.

2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport
36 months at 15k miles
1000 down including first payment
Msrp was 22935
Sale price was 21650
Payments 251.45 a month
Residual was 61
Money factor was .0008
Tax here is added to lease monthly at 5%

I’m happy with the car so far it’s fun it is automatic but has paddle shifters, better for being lazy in traffic and manual is impossible to find around here.
I would upload picture but says file is too big.

Interested to see in how u guys think I did with the lease

You could have saved few more bucks by getting more discount on sale price. It’s ok, just enjoy your car

Second this, but 251 is no great tragedy for 23k car that is highly reviewed. Enjoy.

lol I tried and tried to get a better deal in the car, I been walking out of the dealership for a week telling them I’m going else where, or with Toyota and I did go look but the two closest other dealers didn’t have any sports in and third furthest only had red, I got the metallic grey or whatever it’s called I’d have to look to see. They slowly did come down but that’s about as far as I could get them to move. I even got an extra 200 off telling them I would come today but didn’t have the 1250 down only a 1000. That I just had to buy a new phone, I forgot and laid my phone on desk and the screen protector is cracked, he was like got a new phone huh? Lol but all in all I think I’m happy with the car it looks great and drives good will be able to tell more if this rain ever stops

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Most important you got the car you want. Payment is reasonable. Enjoy and drive safe.

Yes I did get the car I wanted and the payments are a lil higher than I started off looking to spend, but it’s not gonna break me financially, my insurance rates were lower than expected so that’s a plus

Thanks for all the help before reading on this site all these numbers were foreign to me so it has helped out a lot.

Good for you…enjoy the car