New format for how to post deals

How is the new system going ?
it is very confusing and messages or replies get all mixed up
also the dates
very hard to keep track
I hope you go back to the original deal

What do other brokers think ?

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“Back to the original” meaning… the Chinese water torture of dropping a new thread every 4 minutes?

One 328d left!
Two 330Xi
One i3
Maybe an i8

Oh look another 328d I magically found
And another 330
And somehow a X3 i never knew existed
And another i3
And an X1
And an X2
Look, an X5! Unicorn :unicorn:
It’s gone. But here’s another one. Also :unicorn:
An M3 the GM was driving
Oh and a 740!
And just one more 3-series
Last one I swear!


Give us the option to delete them
That will solve the problem
If the broker wants to reopen it
He will have to do it all over
I always wandered why we could not delete the post ourselves

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That doesn’t solve anything.
Any time we refresh the forum it’s just more and more new ads.

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Then charge per add
Like swap a lease
If the broker wants to have 2 different bmw posts have him pay for the extra one or 2
I will be happy to pay to highlight my adds
I feel it will be easy and more effective
If a broker does not want to pay
Then one add per brand is free

Sorry, being bombarded with ads is not great UX
Having an arms race of who can do more ads and bigger ads and “featured” ads is even worse

All because…what? How do you deal with all incoming calls, texts, chats and emails outside of LH? How do you organize and keep track of those conversations?


I don’t get your point
I thought the posts were kind of an automatic thing but I guess you guys have to monitor each one of them

I am just to swap a lease or Facebook adds
Where you pay for each add based on how much exposure you want

Personally, I don’t think deleting the post is a good compromise. Each post still does provide a reference point of what is potentially achievable by the average Joe as well. Locking the post would be a better alternative.

That said, taking my “mod” status out of it, the UX is much better with the fewer posts IMO…others may feel different obviously. It became too silly when it happened like it did as @max_g references above. Part of that was due to the BMW fire sale, however once it happens, it becomes a race for everyone to do it to “bump” themselves.

My biggest gripe of the new way is the “salesmanish” “fire, hot, greatest deal ever” schtick people are beginning to use to try and stand out. Then the next guy tries to one up and come up with even more crazy adjectives in his ad. It’s off-putting, and if I were a potential buyer, I’d personally ignore them. Just stick to the facts and stop sounding like a buy here-pay here used car salesman (not you in particular…just saying in general).

That’s my $0.02.


I’m guilty of this as well, but it is causing a lot of confusion as to which deal people are referencing when they PM me.
I feel like with the previous marketplace, it was easier for a potential buyer to see the monthly price in the title and click if interested, especially if the deal was for a brand they didn’t think could be so low.

I agree, it was full of superlatives and “call in the next 10 minutes…” but I feel with the monthly fee brokers pay and ability to tear into bad deals, the good deals will rise to the top anyways. With the old format, it was helpful for people to comment if it was a good or bad deal for each one where as now it’s harder to pinpoint.

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We have to stand out with emojis now haha! I was having a hard time myself figuring out if the post was mine or from another broker…had to add a dumb rocket haha

It’s a race now to see who can come up with the most hilarious sales title

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I agree with you
Everything now is mixed up and you have to scroll all the way up to see which deal they are talking about
I think that with a very clear format for the title everything will be fine
And charging per add will substantially reduce the bs adds
Quality for quantity
The current format takes the wow factor of individual deals

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Can’t you put a deal # in your ad or per car, similar to a stock number? That would make referencing easier (I would think).

With all due respect…c’mon. That monthly is a pittance compared to sales generation/leads. You can sell 1/8th of a car and still make money based on the “fee” to the site. Referencing the “fee” seems a bit petty.

The majority of brokers on this site (well, maybe not the majority, but quite a few for sure) have no auto industry background and realized the monetary value of this site once they became members and took advantage of that. It’s made for a healthy slush fund for them. Asking for 20 bucks a month in return is still a gift.


I think assigning deal/stock numbers to each of your vehicles in “inventory” would mitigate much of the confusion. I like that idea.

Or, you could move to a spreadsheet model.


Could we have the non-broker members take a vote?

Last month with the BMW blowout it was a little much, no doubt.

However, as a buyer, I think it’s kind of fun and exciting to see all of the posts about individual cars.

I enjoy looking at other broker/dealer posts when they get a killer deal on a car. With the new format, it’s less exciting to go through the ads.

I would pay more money to go back to the old way. Was it ever considered a large issue before last month? Honestly just curious.


Last month wasn’t a one/off. It will happen every time there is an instance of “last month of lease support”

Got it thx!

The way it is now, the threads get too long, and are confusing to follow.

My suggestion would be to give the dealers/brokers a way to send out a notification to a ‘group’ of members that want to get access to their spreadsheet every month without having to post into each individual thread “link please”. Kind of like a group email, but in this case a group PM.

For instance, if I wanted to see @BMW_Dave spreadsheet each month without him having to send an individual PM, I could ask to be included in the monthly link PM. This would take some work, but it would be worth it in the end. Efficiency.

While we’re talking about ad formats, can we please have brokers stop doing this? I browse the site frequently and absolutely hate ads like these or even all caps ads. I understand brokers need to stand out from each other but that shouldn’t come at the cost of degrading the site’s quality. Just my opinion :slight_smile:


From my perspective as a consumer looking for my next car, I know which car I want (BMW 750i).

It’s much easier for me to ignore threads about individual models that do not interest me than it is to paw through an endless thread that covers 12 or more BMW models that I wouldn’t consider, hoping to find the perfect 750i deal.

I’m not going to decide on the 129th post in a BMW thread that I was wrong about the 750, and an X2 for $77 a month would be a much better fit.

Even if I was on the fence about what I wanted, I would be looking at an S550 or an A8 or… ??? … but certainly not an M2 just because it’s from the same manufacturer as my first choice car.

It appears that the link click tracker is gone for some, while not for others. Does this mean that links aren’t working or are not visible to people?

The new format is probably a little worse because it masks the truly great deals (i.e. my Rogue deal) vs good but not great ones (i.e. my Pathfinder deal), but over the last several months, this platform as a whole has gone significantly downhill. This is largely due to the influx of new “brokers” who have initiated a race to the bottom w/r/t pricing, etc. This, in turn, has created unrealistic expectations in the community, and, as a result, has forced these nonsensical advertisements/posts.

In addition, I’m on the east coast, so try to avoid west coast stuff, but the guy who puts his cell with letters AND numbers in each of his posts is hilarious. At least he has good command of the Royal “we” and very clearly passed Marketing 101 with flying colors.